Topics for Blogging

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

To start writing is sometimes is a problem for many of us. Most of the time we postpone it by saying I will start now, I will start tomorrow, etc. Many of us ask What should I write?, How should I write?, What is the Topic? And the like many questions. To start a blogging is not so difficult as you think. The only thing is that we should just start writing. There is no lack of any subject or Topic if we look around. In my case also at first I was very reluctant to start writing. I was also thinking about the subject, but one thing I have understood, the moment you start writing everything becomes OK.
Moreover, if you search the Internet we will get innumerable Topics and Areas for writing. I have made an attempt to collect and compile some interesting Topics and I have presented it below. I definitely feel that anybody can start writing a Blog or Personal Article on any of the subjects given below. You are at freedom to modify the titles and start writing in your own way. Yes, Let us start our first blogging from now onwards.
1) The Favorite Present I’ve ever got...
2) 21 things I Believe in Life
3) When I want to write a Letter to Someone
4) I was really shocked due to
5) A beautiful Bedroom with a Nice View
6) My Greatest regret in Life is
7) My Fantastic wish in Life
8) My most Memorable Life Event
9) How I started my First Blogging?
10) The response from my Family and Friends about my Blogging
11) The greatest problem in my Blogging
12) The 10 most Valuable Advice I would like to give to My Children
13) The Memory about my First Kiss.
14) The First Heart Breaking Event in My Family
15) The way I will execute my Biggest Dream in Life
16) I am really Proud of…
17) The thing that I want to Let Go in Daily Life.
18) I Love Myself because...
19) In a Fantasy World, what I will do?
20) The most Defining Moment in My Life is...
21) What I will do on 1st January 2016?
22) What kind of Person I will be on my next Birthday?
23) List of your greatest Fears and Phobias
24) Write down the things that make you Happier in Life.
25) Write down the main Things that make you Frequently Unhappy
26) Someone in Life whom you can't miss.
27) A Poetry about Yourself.
28) When I take Snacks my Memory goes back to
29) The memory of my First Love...
30) When I’m Miserable, I Feel....
31) My first day in my First School class.
32) I was Unnecessarily Accused of …
33) If I am Blind, I will...
34) The most Beautiful Dress I wore..
35) The first time in My Life, I felt Jealous…
36) 21 songs I’ll listen in my Future Life
37) The moments of Self-Deception I made..
38) The beautiful Flowers I like.
39) The memory of my Biggest Victory
40) I follow my Gut Feelings, because...
41) The next Vacation, I want to Enjoy
42) The Tasty Food I have ever taken
43) The Biggest Lie, I made to my Parents...
44) The habits I want to Quit in Life...
45) The National Leader whom I like...
46) I like some Women due to .....
47) I like some Men due to ....
48) The most Disastrous Journey in my Life...
49) The terrible Chill and Fever I had in my Life.
50) A Life threatening Disease from which I recovered
51) An accident from which I escaped Miraculously
52) The Biggest Mistakes my Parents made to me
53) The Worst Words which Hurt my Mind ...
54) My Brilliant Life Experience...
55) If I am going to die, what I will do?
56) I feel I am getting Older, because....
57) I will not forget the Song my Lover Sang to Me
58) The most Memorable Family Party I enjoyed
59) An interesting Coincidence in my Life...
60) A Telephone Call that changed my Life..
61) The Frightening Telephone call in my Life..
62) Something I don't want to tell you....
63) The things that make me Most Passionate...
64) If you are in Heaven just now what will you do?
65) My greatest Fear as a Husband is...
66) My greatest Fear as a Wife is....
67) My greatest Fear as a Parent is....
68) My greatest Fear as a New Job seeker is....
69) My greatest Fear as a New Manager is...
70) My greatest Fear about my First Plane Journey is....
71) As a Senior Citizen my advice to my younger Generation......
72) The most Memorable Holiday in my Life was…
73) My First Cooking Experience........
74) When I am alone in my House................
75) A message to my Unborn First Child.....
76) I believe in God because.......
77) A few words about my Father...
78) A few words about my Mother...
79) A few words about my Wife.....
80) A few words about my Husband....
81) An Embarrassing Movement in my Life..
82) If I am asked to Reveal a Secret in my Life.....
83) The ugliest thing I have done in My Life...
84) The first time I fought with a Lady....
85) If I am Abused by Someone.....
86) My favorite Super Hero....
87) Why I like Tweets...
88) A Childhood Fear that still haunts me...
89) The Artistic Talent I want to improve...
90) An Angry Situation which I am unable to forget
91) A Novel that I really recommend...
92) 21 Motivational Books we should read.....
93) A Short Story that changed My Life....
94) A Drama Worth-Seeing...
95) An Earthquake that I witnessed...
96) The day When I could not get anything to eat....
97) A Journey when all my Possessions were stolen...
98) The dream which changed My Life...
99) The Terrifying Dream that I Still Remember...
100) My Worst Experience With My In Laws....
101) My Problems with my Immediate Neighbors..
102) My Broken Relationship with My Spouse...
103) The reasons I give up My Childhood Lover...
104) The Unknown Person Who Helped Me in a Crisis...
105) Your difficult day as a Mom.
106) The most interesting Movie you have seen
107) Few words about your Spouse/Partner
108) The Thing that you do most Excellently
109) The Time when you forgave a Person
110) The one thing that you will Never Forget
111) Your ambition at the age of 90
112) The one Material Possession that you can give up for the rest of your life
113) If you are writing one Love Letter only......
114) The most Interesting Job that you like
115) Your Memorable Day at School
116) Your Memorable Day in College
117) The Expensive Dress you have purchased
118) The greatest “Learning” point in your life
119) The Biggest Foolery you have made
120) The Worst Insult, I had made to My Parents
121) The only one place where you want to live in this World
122) Places you want to visit before you Die
123) Say something about Your Secret Love
124) Your Most Favorite Celebrity
125) Your Most Annoying Celebrity
126) The one person who Influenced Your Life
127) If I would change My personal Life today, I will
128) Interesting Facts about my Best Friend
129) My Worst Friendship
130) My Terrifying Incidents in Childhood
131) If I could Travel to Other Planets.....
132) Something about an Idea that Changes Your Life
133) Your Interview with a Strange Person
134) What will you write to the President of Your Country?
135) Your Favorite Event in your Childhood
136) Your Favorite Event in your Adulthood
137) What is your Purpose in Life?
138) What are you Dreaming About?
139) A few words about Yesterdays Dreams
140) What are you aiming at now?
141) What is the Kindest thing that you have done
142) What is the Kindest thing that you have Received
143) Who is your Role Model?
144) What is your Daily Motivating Force?
145) What is your Daily Routine?
146) The Book that changed Your Life
147) The time when I was Penniless
148) How I spend 10 years without a Dwelling Place?
149) How I managed to live without any Job for the Last 5 years?
150) If I get a Lottery Today worth One Crore.....
151) The Time when my Best Friend Ignored Me
152) The Time when my Close Relatives didn't care me
153) An Incident which changed our Family Relationship
154) An Incident which made a Great Scaring in my Sex Life
155) My Husband’s Irritating Behaviors
156) My Wife's Irritating Behaviors
157) Your Life before Your Marriage
158) Your Life after Your Marriage
159) Your Premarital Love Affairs
160) The time when I Cheated My Husband
161) The time when I Cheated My Wife
162) I am Unhappy, due to the..............
163) I am always Happy, due to the........
164) I Pray to God for............
165) The time when I Laugh Continuously
166) The Incident which made my Mother to Cry
167) Some words of advice for a Newly Married Couple
168) Advice to your Children for the Future
169) A few words about your Daily Routine
170) A few words about your Eating Habits
171) My Favorite Dish
172) The things that make me stressed Out Daily
173) How I manage my Stress
174) Your favorite Childhood Memories
175) The most Embarrassing Moment in your Family…
176) Something about How and Why you named your Children.
177) What character of Your Spouse you want to Change
178) The Bad Habits that you want to Change
179) The Most Important Parenting Advice you Received
180) The Worst Parenting Advice you Received.
181) If Your Spouse Cheated you, what would you do?
182) The Most Luckiest Moment in Your Life.
183) The Most Unlucky Moment in Your Life.
184) The Most Terrifying Moment in Your Life.
185) The Most Pleasant Moment in Your Life.
186) The Most Exciting Moment in Your Life
187) The Job that I am dreaming at......
188) Your Dream Spouse.....
189) Your Dream House….
190) Why you Stay Married?
191) Why you Hate Marriage?
192) Why you are Staying Alone?
193) Your Favorite Childhood Teacher?
194) Why I started Writing Daily?
195) My Daily Eating Habit
196) I am really Talented in........
197) If I am Living for 100 Years.....
198) Memories of my College Days
199) The day when I entered My Medical School
200) The day when I Passed Out From Medical School
201) The day I started my Clinical Practice
202) The Worst Medical Problem I manage in My Career
203) The day I worked for 20 hours in the Hospital
204) How I recovered from a Serious Disease
205) My Best Professional Friend
206) My Worst Professional, Rival
207) The thing I still Regret
208) The most ugly thing I witnessed in My Childhood
209) The worst Financial Problem I faced in Life
210) The unknown person who helped me in My Crisis
211) My favorite Pet Animal
212) The Doctor whom I admire most
213) My Journey in My First Car
214) My First Experience in Sex Life
215) A fear that follows me even now
216) How you had broken your Life Long Friendship?
217) A Heartbreaking Incident in my Married Life
218) A Heartbreaking Incident in my Family
219) I loved my Husband, but he.....
220) I loved my Wife, but she......
221) My Family is very important for me, due to..........
222) An Incident about which I was Wrongly Accused
223) My Heart beat stopped the moment I saw......
224) I like Internet because.....
225) I like Facebook because......
226) I like Twitter because......
227) I watch YouTube because.....
228) A Mind Blowing Incident which I witnessed
229) I was disappointed when my loving Parents......
230) An Interesting Dream that makes me always Excited
231) My life after Divorce
232) My life after a Great Family Tragedy
233) My problems with My Children
234) My problems with My Parents
235) My problems with My Spouse
236) My problems with My In-Laws
237) My first Child's Story
238) My Experience as a Mother
239) My Feelings when I became a Mother
240) My Feeling when I became a Father
241) My great 10 Embarrassing Moments
242) My great 10 Proud Moments
243) My great 10 Lucky Moments
244) The Lucky Chance which I could not utilize
245) The Wrong Decision I took 5 years back
246) The time when I was Bankrupt
247) The most Agonizing Pain I Experienced
248) An Interesting Miracle that happened in My Life
249) The Most Memorable Meal I had
250) The Worst Parenting Mistake I made
251) A real and vivid Childhood Memory
252) A Miserable Day of my Pet Cat
253) The day my Husband Died
254) The day my Wife Died
255) My Favorite Flavour
256) My Favorite Smell
257) What makes me Happy in My Holidays
258) What I Learned from My Kids
259) What I Learned from My Parents
260) What I Learned from My Mentor
261) When I quarreled with my only Daughter
262) When I quarreled with my only Son
263) When my Son- in- Law Insulted me
264) When my Daughter-in-Law Insulted me
265) My Secret Relationship with...
266) The Old Habits which I still have
267) Few words about my Best Friend
268) The Importance of My Name
269) What I will do on a Full Holiday?
270) What I will do Today?
271) My Interesting Pilgrimage
272) My Interesting Foreign Journey
273) What I feel when I Look into a Mirror?
274) What I feel when I am Fully Naked?
275) How I conducted my Birthday Party?
276) Why I am Interested in Laughter?
277) Why I am afraid of Snakes?
278) A voice in my Head, which changed my Outlook
279) My Great Regret in Life
280) The time when you met your Spouse
281) The day when I Got Married
282) The Memories of my First Night
283) A Dirty Conversation I Listened
284) An Unusual Situation which changed My Life
285) Why I like my Present Job?
286) Why I am Puzzled now a days?
287) Why I don't watch TV shows?
288) Why I don't read Newspapers?
289) To me, Happiness means.....
290) A secret I am still keeping a secret
291) Why I am not Ashamed to Tell that....
292) How I Resolved the Conflicts in my Family?
293) How I Meditate Daily?
294) My Favorite ways of Relaxation
295) If I got Rs. One crore Lottery tomorrow.......
296) My most Irrational Phobias
297) Things that make me Jealous
298) Why I want to become Famous?
299) Experience during my first Plane Journey
300) A letter to My Son
301) A letter to My Daughter
302) A letter to My Lover
303) My most Peaceful Memory
304) The person whom I Admire
305) My Old Age problems
306) My present Family Problems
307) My current Financial Problems
308) The Social Problems which I face
309) The person who I want to be at the Age of 50
310) My Memorable Childhood Misery
311) The most Pleasant Day in My Life
312) The Best Joke I always remember
313) Why I want to be a Perfectionist?
314) Why I don't want to be a Perfectionist?
315) The First Punishment I got in My Career
316) When My Boss suddenly insulted me........
317) 21 Things that I will finish this week
318) 7 Things that I will complete today
319) 101 Things I want to accomplish before I Retire
320) My Kid's difficult Health Problems I faced
321) My Dream Destination
322) A Short Script about My Life
323) My Life after Retirement?
324) The Places I want to visit next year
325) The time when I met My Lover
326) The Experience I had during My Fasting
327) A Special Childhood Story I want to share
328) How water fasting cured my Chronic Illness?
329) How I became a Vegan?
330) When I realized that I am Grown Up?
331) The Awkward Conversation I had
332) My Future Status after 10 years
333) My Favorite Holiday is......
334) My Best Habit about which I am Proud of
335) The Thing that I enjoy about My Life
336) My morning Routine
337) My opinion about God
338) My opinion about Money-v’s-Happiness
339) My Sincere Prayer to God
340) The Blessings I want from God
341) Why God gave me all Miseries?
342) Why I am not fearing about Life?
343) Why I am fearing about Life?
344) A story that changed My Life
345) My Grandparent's Special Advice
346) My Grandmother's Habit I still remember
347) The beautiful Memories of my Grandparents
348) A Tradition which My Family still follows
349) A Family Ritual that change My Life
350) 10 Creative Ideas in My Mind
351) Why My Marriage Jewelry is very Precious?
352) If I recommend one Book to Read
353) A Secret Moment in My Life
354) The most Pleasurable Experience I had
355) My Fantasies in Life
356) My Passion in Life
357) My Inspirations in Life
358) My Aspirations in Life
359) My Habits which I can't change
360) The Moment I got fully Frustrated
361) A Secret Conversation I want to Share
362) How I gave-up a long standing Love Affair?
363) When I was caught-up in an Unethical Affair
364) An incident which created a Shock in My Life
365) The Embarrassing Thing which my child had done
366) An Unexpected Behavior from my Spouse
367) An Unexpected Behavior from my Daughter
368) An Unexpected Behavior from my Son
369) Something about my Present Worries
370) Why I am Anxious now a days?
371) The Generation Gap that we Face Today
372) The Problems of Technology
373) The benefits of Technology
374) The Attitude of New Generation
375) The Lifestyle changes in Our Society
376) My Family is Most Important for me...
377) The Wrong Decision I have made...
378) The Right Decision I have made...
379) The Movement I was Terribly puzzled
380) The Wrong Decision I have made in Life
381) The Right Decision I have made in Life
382) The Most Terrible Pain I have experienced
383) The Best Metaphor I have listened
384) The Best Advice I got from my Grandparents
385) The Funniest Story I had Heard
386) The most fearful dream I had witnessed in life
387) The Best Aphorism I want to tell
388) The Best Quote which changed my life
389) The Best Scenery I had ever seen in my life
390) The Interesting Discussion to remember
391) An Important Person whom I met recently
392) A Miserable life changing situation, I had witnessed
393) An Angel who Appeared in my Dream
394) A Nasty word from a Colleague
395) A Person to whom I am obliged verymuch
396) The Thoughts which Trouble me Today
397) My Life after Retirement
398) My First Public Speaking Experience
399) The first Spiritual Experience
400) My First Meditation Experience

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