Three Nasty Habits That Lead to Clutter

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


Clutter doesn't happen on its own. You might think so, but the truth is that clutter has an accomplice in the house, a powerful creator who knows how to supply you with as much clutter as possible. Do I have to spell it out and accuse you? If you think clutter is something that simply happens, like dust but with your personal belongings, then you are in for a shocker.
You are an enabler and it matters little how many times you rely on domestic cleaning London to do the tidying up around the house, if you don't overcome your nasty habits, then your house is bound to suffer from clutter forever. Quite naturally, you don't want this to continue, so I will help you out and point out the three nasty habits, which you are pulling you back big time.
[1] Putting Things Somewhere for Now. I know this one from personal experience. You've taken a small parcel, a magazine or envelopes and you place them somewhere with the unspoken and often false promise to get back to them. Does that happen? I mean getting back to the letters or whatnot? Do they find their own spot under the sun (light bulb?), where they will belong with others of their own kind? Even if you say yes, I don't really believe you. It's a habit you don't even realize you've got.
[2] Spaces without Purpose. Clutter comes to be when no one says 'no'. You can't object to placing something on a surface, which you don't use for some specific activity. Yeah, it's a loop hole every home owner tends to miss. You don't want to suffer from clutter, but at the same time you shrug at those areas in your house, which have no purpose as if their identity is their problem. What you'd need to do is set some ground rules. Say 'no' more often, grow so irritated at the thought that you or your next of kin has placed your bills on the window sill that you cannot do anything else, but file them away, where they belong.
[3] No Ideas for Disposal. Whether you are a hoarder at heart and can't bear to say goodbye to the sacks of stuff you don't really need or are simply too short-sighted to actually plan what to do with a portion of your belongings, it stands to show that you will never break free from this vicious circle, which is clutter. Donate to the needy or sale, it matters little. Every item in surplus, without purpose or long since replaced has to find its way out of your house as soon as you have decluttered.
That's how you achieve the splendid results domestic cleaning London. As pop culture dictates, it's all in your head, which is a problem with a free fix, although getting around to it is a bit of a murder when you have a busy lifestyle.

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