The Perfect Life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 22, 2014

“These lousy days! I wish I could sleep all day! I wish my boss stops yelling at me! I wish I had a Mercedes.. I wish to go to NY..” The list goes on and on. There are ‘n’ number of things which we wish had happened, like the ones I quoted. Its human tendency to whine and still move on. Our wishes are limitless, our brains are rattling all the time, thinking about the numerous possibilities for a better life and fortune. Sometimes it’s just this rat race that we at once forget to live! How many of us wake up with a smile and say “Wow! I’m glad I’m alive!”? Instead of this, we can listen to the God forsaken words right from the morning. How many of us smile while we look into the mirror rather than a gaze at our thoughtful face? We walk down from our place of dwelling with a thousand numbered TO-DO lists! Why don’t we take a break, watch the world and think for a while? The foremost thing to learn is how to be resilient and self sufficient. It’s an I-ME-MINE world! To cope up with those callous remarks and envious faces is a real challenge. Humans are the most “civilized” barbarians.

We all have problems, nobody has an absolutely free life, and it comes with a cost- a hefty one! Why don’t we start from home, our home-sweet-home? Every day when we wake up, why not try to inspire yourself positively? Why not think about your numerous talents and convince yourself to think that you are not a waste of space! When we look ourselves in the mirror, rather than staring at acne marks, why not try to make a belief in the raw you! We spend hundreds and thousands of the most valued paper pieces to enhance the glossy outer you, when we are least concerned about the inner selves. It’s high time that we start at least today. Let today be the day to start making a difference. There is no shortcut to happiness; similarly, there is no shortcut to a perfect life. Life is like a riddle, interpret it your way.


It’s fun playing with shadows, does the self cast shadow disappear when you walk away from it or stays there? Why does it beep at you when you turn back and look? Just give it a thought.
Life’s is but a walking shadow! (Quoted from the Macbeth).

The Glory
We’re the master and we’re the slave!

Life is so short that by the time we gather our inner spirits, we’re at its last innings. It’s like a fist fight, you just can’t give up- we strive, strive and strive. Does the fight bring us anything? No- In absolute dismay! What does it glorify? Try to see around, think about how you can be that change in others life. Magnify the good and rectify the bad- It’s just that simple! Jot down those negative aspects in yourself which you don’t want to see in others. Make a list of it! Before going to bed, rather than frowning, think about how you can change that badness in you. If it’s your temperament, repeat the change you wish to see in yourself, say it many times that it settles in your subconscious mind. Never underrate the power of your subconscious mind! It has the power to make you the victim. Make it strong with positivity that nobody hampers it.
Rise and shine in the morning like the Sun flower, be active and vigorous in the morning. Gather that positivity in you; give a broad smile to the world- love everyday and each moment of your short span! Be a loving heart and an ear to hear the pain. Be considerate to the less fortunate and genuine to those loving souls, lest it be all downtrodden. Inspire yourself and others to see the beauty of life. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening with your loved ones. Take a stroll by the lake side, look at the moonlit sky and flood your mind with joyous dreams. Feel the breeze; breathe in the fresh scent as rain showers on the dry Earth! Take a path that is less travelled, identify our desires and catch up with the rhythm of our heart. Make it worth living and don’t just survive. Never fall prey to the evil clutches of greed and its all fine! Be the force to bring the change.

The Cloudy skies always gives way to the most beautiful rainbows.. think about it!

Submitted By Athira G
Software Engineer, Technopark, Trivandrum

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