The Key To Stopping Alcohol Cravings

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

Alcoholism can feel like a locked box: An impenetrable puzzle, stealing the very best life has to offer and locking it up in a place we can’t retrieve it. The key, it seems, lies in ending alcohol cravings, and more specifically by uprooting the underlying cause of the problem. The question is this: does a key to this great, “locked box” exist? And if so, where can find it?

The answer to the first question is a definite, “yes.” To the second, the answer is the Lenair Self(s) Healing Center, where 30,000 people with addictive behavior have completely outgrown abusing and cravings for alcohol as a byproduct of the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE). Behind it all is the incredible healer and luminary, Rhonda Lenair, whose mission is simply to center her clients in inner peace through the Self(s) Healing Experience.

Says Dr. Joseph Taylor, "I've had a relationship with Rhonda Lenair for over 6 years and I've referred many patients for alcoholism that have done exceptionally well through her process. Rhonda offers a unique paradigm that effectively resolves addictions, particularly to alcohol. Her process offers substantial benefits to her clients and the field of addiction medicine."

Among those whose lives have been utterly transformed by Rhonda’s work is Lisa G., a high-powered lawyer from Vermont. As she puts it, “I first heard of Rhonda Lenair through a colleague whose friend had immediately ended a 20-year drinking habit after seeing Rhonda. In 2005, I was treated by Rhonda in 3 short, gentle, loving, hands-on treatments. Following the first treatment, I had no desire to drink, but to my great surprise, my anxiety had all but disappeared. In all of the treatments, Rhonda was able to identify specific physical and emotional imbalances in my system, and readjust them. The sense of relief and peace I have enjoyed since then has been life-changing. Most importantly, I no longer have cravings for alcohol; it is just not a part of my consciousness.”

Todd Schmidt experienced a similar miracle: “I came to you after years of problems with alcohol; years of much drinking, followed by periods of abstinence where I ‘proved’ to myself that it was ‘under control’; followed by the inevitable, yes, you can call it a slide back into the same habits. Legal issues were the least of my problems as a result of my drinking- and the arrests/penalties/sanctions I subjected myself to over my years of drinking were SUBSTANTIAL. When I came to see you, Rhonda, I had been drinking pretty much daily for, oh, at least 6 months, prior to that regularly and routinely for at least a few years. At the end of my three sessions with you, Rhonda- it was simply gone.”

If you have a similar problem to that suffered by Lisa and Todd, consider this article a presentation of the key from you to me. You can have your life back, and it’s not nearly as complicated as you think.

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