The key to breaking free from a bad habit

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


If you are serious about breaking free from a bad habit you need to prepare for some changes. The most important part of your preparation is your commitment to a more active lifestyle.
Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the father of the aerobics movement, has said that maximum health benefits are obtained by participating in any activity that increases your heart rate for at least 30 minutes, three times a week.
Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise is enough to release endorphins into the brain. Endorphins are chemical substances produced by the body that are many times more powerful than morphine. Endorphins are responsible for the sensation of peace, well-being, and exhilaration commonly experienced by people who exercise regularly.
If you make a commitment to exercise for just 90 minutes a week, it will make you happier and it will help you replace your self-destructive habits with healthy new habits. Be prepared for the excuses your mind may put in your way; "I'm too busy"," I don't like gyms". Do be ready to push past these excuses and make the time to exercise and to find an exercise program that suits you. Your program doesn't have to be competitive sport. Brisk walking, swimming, or an exercise class will do the trick.
You can't exercise away all the temptations to go back to your old habit, of course. You need a plan that works 24/7. The best alternative for self-destructive habits is active diversion. Keeping busy-keeping your mind off the temptation to drink, smoke, or overeat-is the strategy that all successful self-changers use. Exercise is the healthiest substitute for bad habits, but it's not the only substitute that works.
You are the only person who can know what will work for you. Whatever keeps you busy and takes your mind off your craving for a drink, a piece of cake, or a shopping spree will work for you. It has to be something you enjoy. Playing your favorite game, reading a book, listening to music, cleaning the house, or working on a home improvement project are all healthy alternatives.

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