The ABCs of Effective Achieving

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Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

There is a lot of information about Goals and Planning these days - but is it just a waste of time, or does it actually work? Isn't it just as effective, and much quicker to make a quick list of things to do? Please consider these ideas.

There are several steps we can take to increase success, whether personal or business, individual or group. One of the major components of successful outcomes is goal planning. High achievers in business and in life know that goal planning is a cornerstone to success. Learning how to plan goals, and then implementing your plan equals goal-planning success. And goal-planning success leads to overall success.

What are goals? The best way to define the word "goal" is to say that a goal is a marked point in a process that indicates progress. Think of goals as the path markers on a trail. Every time you pass one, you know you've made further progress towards reaching a predetermined end or the final goal.

Why should I set goals? You should set goals because of what they are - a way to see if you are progressing towards an objective or final result. So goal planning leads to success by creating a sort of map for you to follow.

How do I choose the right goals for goal planning success? Well, that depends on the outcome you are hoping to achieve, but here are some guidelines:

First, determine exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Is it a fit body? A successful business? A happy family?

Next, define what that means. What exactly do you consider to be a fit body, a successful business or a happy family? Your definition will not be the same as your neighbor's. Please don't let anyone else define that for you.

Third, map it out. Ask yourself, "What are the ingredients that I need to fulfill this outcome"? And "In what steps should the ingredients be added"? If your final goal is a fit body, the ingredients will be different types of exercise, healthy foods and drinks, maybe even spa treatments and massage. In what way do you need to put these together to equal a fit body? This is where you can see your goals start to take shape.

1. Goal one might be to check out the gyms in your area and join one.

2. Goal two would be to actually go to the gym a certain number of times per week to workout.

3. Goal three might be to hire a dietician to help you with your food choices.

4. Goal four would be to take that dietician's advice to heart and begin to follow an eating plan.

5. Goal five might be to do research on body treatments that help the look of your body or help detoxify your body.

As you follow these goals you will start to notice changes in your body that are leading to your final outcome of fitness. Now, this example is a bit watered down, but you get the idea.

When you begin to understand how to use goals, you will experience goal-planning success in every part of your life. Your life will become much easier and you will experience fewer disappointments as a result. If you have work projects to finish and you are feeling overwhelmed, it will help to use goal planning as a tool for better organization and more success. If you need to accomplish certain tasks each day, goal planning will help with that. If you have personal goals such as finding a wonderful partner or returning to college to finish your degree, you can use goal planning for those things too.

Goal planning success means a more happy and successful life. If you are unsure, use goal planning for a small project and see how well it works for you. Then begin to use it to accomplish larger successes. Before you know it goal planning will become second nature and you'll enjoy a more successful life.

My verdict - stop wasting time just wasting time! Set a Goal and plan the steps to fulfillment, and get to work on achieving those steps.

You hear a lot about Goals and Planning these days - but is it just a waste of time, or does it really work? Won't just making a quick list of things to do be just as effective, and much quicker? Please consider these ideas.

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