Terrible Eating Habits and You

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


Picture yourself five years from now. How do you see yourself looking? Thin? Fat? Whether you're thin or obese, chances are that your eating habits are terrible, or could at least use a little tweaking. Everybody should live healthy. It's easy, but most people when faced with a McDonald's value menu and a dinner of chicken and rice will almost always choose the former.
If you want to live a long life, one where your body is healthy and you look attractive to the point where you're giving twenty year old a run for their money, then you need to take steps to clear up the following terrible eating habits.
Terrible Eating Habit #1 Eating candy
We've all had a job at some point where coworkers have brought in big bowls of candy to share. This usually occurs around Halloween and the other winter holidays. With a bowl of candy sitting only a few feet away the temptation to eat it can be strong, especially during that hour leading up to lunch time when most people begin to get hungry. You have to say no to the candy. Eating a handful or more everyday is a terrible eating habit. Most people don't realize this because the candy is usually smaller than a conventional size candy bar. However, just one piece of candy can have over one hundred calories.
Terrible Eating Habit #2 Drinking soda
You don't necessarily have to stop drinking soda altogether, but you should drink no more than one cup a day, and make sure that it is diet. A 12 ounce can of regular Pepsi has nearly 200 calories, as well as 42 grams of carbohydrates, not to mention all of the sugar that is packed into it.
Terrible Eating Habit #3 Fast food
One small combo meal from any fast food restaurant can have as much as twice the daily allowance of calories you need to live on. And if you consider that this is only one of your meals during the day and that you will have to eat again at some point, that's a lot of calories in a day. But while it is nearly impossible these days to avoid eating fast food, you should try not to eat it more that twice a month.
Terrible Eating Habit #4 Frozen foods
These types of processed and packaged foods are the worst thing to store in your refrigerator. In general, just one serving has twice as much calories as you need in a meal thanks to all of the preservative crammed into these foods. When it comes time to make dinner, make sure your food is fresh.
This is just a shortlist of terrible eating habits. Others include drinking alcohol, eating too much, not eating enough, etc., just putting an end to the four bad eating habits mentioned above you will be taking significant steps to looking healthier and more attractive, traits you can be proud of as you live a long and vibrant life.

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