Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Tension is a problem experienced any man in his everyday life. If a person is born in this world, then he is sure to experience this problem throughout his life in one way or the other.

What is Tension?

Tension is state of mind where you are mixed with over-anxiety, stress and fear. Tension can cause heavy damage to the human mind as well as the body. In short, tension means stretching your mind to such an extent where the mind fails to face problems boldly and the end result would be disastrous. People taking time to relax and release the inner tension find it easier to achieve a better mind and body. In short, they are emotionally and physically healthy. Approaching problems with tension can only lead to loss of health and will make you do things in an imperfect manner, thus leading you to constant failure. So if you want to succeed in life, then say goodbye to Tension.

Ill effects of Tension

• Disease and pain
• Low physical energy
• Lack of good decision making
• Increase in errors
• Burnout
• Less perfection and quality of work
• Lack of concentration
• Becomes introvert

How to cope up with tension

Coping up with tension is a hilarious job. Sometimes each one of us has the thought that “Tension is made exclusively for me”. For such people, the good news is that tension can be controlled and this is possible only if we take the initiative to handle it.
• Forget about tension and take some time for you. If you feel you are neglecting yourself, then try to pamper yourself with occasional treats. Buy a new dress, eat your favorite food, scribble out figures or write down something interesting to you.
• Breathing exercises can work wonders when you are tensed.
• If you are in a troubled situation, try not to get tensed. Talk to your dear and near one about your problems. Talking to someone can decrease tension of yours.
• To reduce the stress hormones, it is advisable to take regular exercise. A fit and strong body builds up a fit and strong mind capable of coping up every difficult situation.
• Let go. Things have to be released out of your mind. If you keep every minute detail of whatever is, was and will be hurting you can always harm your mind. Do not let this happen. Leave everything aside and stay calm.
• Train your mind for failures too. As this world is not always prone to give you success every time, be cautious.
• Have an intimate relationship with your parents and siblings. Near ones can act as balm to your tensed mind. Talking to them and being with them can pull you out of tension.
• Music is a medicine for tension. If you feel too much stressed out, then you must definitely find time for your favorite music. It does help you a lot.
• Prayer can help you to relax a lot. The thought that a unique force is leading your path makes you feel strong and creates a capability of facing every tough situation with ease. Pray regularly and submit yourself to the Almighty.
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