Technical Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Technical access and awareness is regarding the protection and also the technical awareness of victimization technological devices.It's for anyone who owns a tool like a PC, mobile/cell phone or the other hardware technological device, and learn or is aware of a way to use it properly, in an exceedingly manner that's capable the hardware being employed, and so gain access to the net or the other Informational info.

Anyone who owns technology hardware like a portable, a computer, i Pad, net-book, laptop etc. has the flexibility to access to the net. These same folks need to skills to use the hardware technology.

Once an individual accesses the net, they can't do no matter they require to try to to however we wish them to be a correct digital national.

Strangely, some folks refuse to create use of technology like a selected faith in all places There square measure others that don't have access to the net as a result of they can't afford it. this is often true in our native space, some students don’t have access reception as a result of they can't afford it.
The technical awareness is what permits an individual to become a digital national and also the safety of changing into it's who to speak to on-line, what things to travel on and sites to go to, and also the data that you just share once you square measure on-line.

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