Health Awareness Importance

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Health caring is one of the very important matters now. A person who is completely healthy can't understand the values of health, but a person with severe illness can understand the problems due to lack of health. So creating a better health awareness is an essential thing. There are various ideas are now available about the health care views. People are of different types. Some of them are from poor conditions and others are from rich situations. According to the rules the Primary Health Care is considered as a fundamental right of the people who are suffering due to the ill effects of diseases and other unhealthy factors. Proper health care & related views are very necessary while thinking about the health care management. While thinking about the rich people and their health, experts are saying that the lifestyle changes are the major factor of diseases and ill health. They have enough food, medical resources and other health based ideas. But when a person is changing his or her lifestyle with food and other sedentary habits may lead to the eccentric effects on health issues. Especially there are various factors which are associated with every person's lifestyle and related issues. Moreover, we can overcome these kinds of issues by caring the eating habits, exercises and other medical advice. According to the medical conditions in India the patient and doctor ratio is about 2000 to 1. 1 doctor has to manage about 2000 patient according to the latest measurements. But this will lead to some kind of medical management issues and lack of health services to. According to the other country's health status, they are doing some kinds of medical management based on some centralized ideas and views. Most of the health care decisions are moving from the same platform and this will really help people get the benefits from the authorities in a fast way. Technology based supports & services are also connected with the health care field now. There are various kinds of health care management ideas which are now associated with the newer technology. Especially it is happening mainly in the awareness, making field. Awareness making is the main thing and through the help of technology, media are doing this in a great way. There are various advertisements and online flashes which are highlighting about the health care awareness in televisions & websites. Availability of health care services is next thing one has to care. Some health care service providers are giving the best health based services to the whole nation. If a person can use it properly, it will be a great help where ever he or she is. Some organizations are providing complete service to the whole region of the country. Medical Insurances, Checkups, Medical Emergency services, etc. are also associated with these kinds of service providers. A common person must be aware about all these kinds of healthcare facilities. Then only one can use and get benefits from it. Government must also be aware about these kinds of ideas and they can provide the best health care services to the complete people who are residing here. Remember, Healthy people can only build a Healthy Nation.

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