Survival For Living A Healthy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


Living a long and healthy life is one of many great wishes that people have. Having to spend more years with friends and family is more than enough to make one happy. But of course, there are certain things you have to take note off in order to achieve this dream of yours.
Have at least 30 minutes of workout everyday. Working out regularly will not only help you shed off some extra pounds, but it will also build your body. Exercising helps build your muscles, makes your body more flexible and stronger. Simple exercises such as jogging, stretching, hiking with best bug out bags and walking are good enough as a daily exercise.
Add in veggies and fruits. Normally, people skip the fruits and vegetables and go for junk and fast food. As much as possible, you should include vegetables and fruits into your daily meals. Fruits and vegetables contain natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that cannot be found in other foods. Adding this in your daily meal will make you healthier and have a stronger immune system. Start adding fruit and vegetables into your daily meals.
Avoid foods that contain Trans Fat. The words trans fat are like danger signs for the body. Common foods that contain trans fat are those of microwavable foods, crackers, pies and pancake or cake mixes. Before cooking or eating these survival foods, read their containers or boxes and check if they contain trans fat. It is safe to eat them when they don't contain trans fat.
Say goodbye to bad vices. Many, if not all people, have one or many vices in their life. Common vices that people indulge in are smoking and drinking alcohol. In order to achieve that dream of having long and healthy years, try and give up your vices. If you can't, reduce them if possible. Drink one glass or two of your drink at least once or twice a week.
Getting a little rest and relaxation. A little time out from work and the many stresses you experience will do wonders for your health. Try taking a day off and pamper yourself like having outdoor activities using your outdoor survival gear. Not only will you take a break from the pressures, you also get to relax your mind. You will be feeling younger and healthier everyday especially if you are stress free. Feel young and Great with a healthy lifestyle.

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