Surprising Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2017

It was in the 16th century that the sport named Tai-Chi was developed. It is a sport activity that has a combination of movements of body, meditation as well as breathing practices. Tai-Chi is good for both our body and our mind. It is a kind of meditative gymnastics. It is not similar to gymnastics, as the Tai-Chi movements are extremely slow and are mainly into the movements of balancing as well on breathing. Since it is not a rigorous and fast activity, it can be practiced by people of any age group.

Major Benefits of Tai-Chi

Stress Relief

Tai Chi has soothing movements help in releasing stress. When we are stressed, our mind gets disturbed and soon it will affect our body. While doing Tai-Chi we are able to concentrate on our mind alone. When focus on us alone, we are able to release our stress and become more relaxed. In short, the sport automatically allows us to slow down on our thought process a bit and focus more on the movements as well as the breathing procedures. This actually gives us great relaxation.

Strengthens the muscles with the least effort

Tai-Chi mainly does its job in a different manner. While other sport activities indulge our muscles in rigorous movements, Tai-Chi practices help in giving maximum power of the body and muscles with the least effort. Muscles are not given any kind of pressure. It is the best activity for anyone who is healthy and by anyone who is undergoing any kind of recovery.

Relief from Arthritis

According to certain studies, Tai-Chi can help in increasing the flexibility of the joints and giving great strength to the muscles. As a result, the pain in the joints can be relieved and movement made faster.

Good exercise for Elderly

While checking the Tai Chi benefit list, we will be surprised to see that the slow movements benefit the elders the most. This is one of the many exercises that can be easily done by elders. One of the major advantages of Tai-Chi is that it is a real slow exercise that helps in giving strength to the body. This is the reason why it is chosen by older people. Quick movements have risks of falling and breaking down the bones. But Tai-Chi gives a comfortable pattern of exercise and this is the reason why it is wise for older people to choose this as a daily routine exercise.

Gives strength to the bones

Tai-Chi movements give strength to the bones. This advantage can be taken by women during their menopause time. As per several studies, the activity can give great strength to the bones.

Gives strength to the respiratory system

It is believed that aerobics is a good exercise that helps in strengthening the lungs as well as the heart. But it has to be understood that aerobics alone does not provide this sole benefit to us. Tai-Chi too has the same characteristic. Since it includes deep breathing, slow breathing and other movements, it helps in supplying oxygen to all the tissues of the body. You get the maximum result only after regular practice of Tai-Chi.

Other Benefits

Tai-Chi movements help us to increase our body’s strength and gives flexibility to it. The movements help to activate our internal organs and this is the reason why they help in detoxifying in an active manner, thus resulting in increasing our immunity against diseases. The most important of all Tai-Chi health benefits is that it helps in increasing relaxation for our body as well as our mind.

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