Stress Related

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Stress can be described as something negative which often is caused due to the excess strain to the body or mind. In short, Stress is something which is caused when we become tensed or when we tend to do multiple tasks at one stretch. Excess amount of stress can affect the body as well as mind in a very negative manner.

Stress is actually a normal response to the situations that make you feel alert, threatened when any factor upsets the balance of your life. It is a defense system of the body which helps to kick-start your fight cum flight reaction to the situation. It is actually a protective shield that helps you to be energetic, focused as well as alert.

Stress comes up when we tend to do things which are out of our limits, when we try to satisfy someone who never gets contented, when we think too much of the future, when we face something or someone we are afraid of, when we are to complete tasks in deadlines, when financial troubles pile up, when work load increases or when we are never satisfied with what we have. Stress is actually the factor which makes us meet all the challenges of life. It to an extent helps to sharpen the concentration skills in us and prepares us for the ‘battle’.

Any factor that causes stress can be called stressors. Stress factors may vary from any kind of situation or any kind of pressure. Things become stressful when you are to meet with demands which are far beyond your limits or when you are forced to adjust to an unpleasant situation or even to positive events like buying a new house or going to a new college.

Ill effects of Stress

The human body when in stress does not distinguish between the two types of stress, psychological or physical ones. When a person is under stress, the body at once reacts in order to avoid a sudden shut down of the working of the whole body system. Body reacts in such a manner that the stress system is activated.

Stress can cause a number of side effects to the body.

  • Lack of concentration

  • Anxiety

  • Worry

  • Being moody

  • Irritability

  • Feeling lonely

  • Getting depressed

  • Thinking constantly

  • Lack of memory

  • Rapid heart beat

  • Chest pain

  • Obesity

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Less sleep

  • Isolation from others

How to control stress

Stress if let out unchecked can cause damage to the person. If you feel that the stress in your life is out of the limits, you need to control it in all possible manners.

  • An individual must have the capability to understand when he/she is under excess of stress.

  • Controlling one’s thoughts is necessary when under stress.

  • Try to maintain a calm and cool attitude towards life

  • When under excess of stress, try to talk with someone who is close to you.

  • Having a good relationship with one’s family members can decrease stress and give relief from stress

  • Spend time with your family members. The thought that someone is there to share your sorrows is always a great relief.

  • Take life as it comes

  • Engage in good hobbies during leisure time

  • Meditate

  • Never think of your problems as a whole. Divide it into parts and complete each part with perfection

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