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In your difficult times, a proficient counselor can give the necessary advice and approach for providing you the relief from work related stress, relationship hitches, substance addiction and serious mental health disorders.

Our counselors in livinginwellbeing under the supervision of Dr. Purushothaman, who is an illustrious psychologist from India provide positive guidance and suggest the best treatment or course of action to help the patient rise against the traumatic events and rough patches in life through free online counseling services.

Online counseling is the provision of professional mental health counseling through the internet. Counselor and online counseling networks use a variety o f medium such as texting, video chat and audio messaging.

Online counseling has a plethora of benefits. You don’t have to wait to get an appointment with the therapist and no travel time making it convenient, time saving as well as money saving.

Now there is a lot of controversy about both the advantages and limitation of online counseling and therapy. We believe that the internet is a powerful and divergent community, and is largely underestimated in its capability to help people through the use of online counseling and services.

The lack of in-person interaction with a professional therapist is tricky for some people. Despite that, web counseling gives you the freedom to connect and develop a professional relationship. The studies have found out that effectiveness of therapy through the internet to the point where it has become a possible alternative to in-office therapy.

We are having e counseling, online therapy, online marriage counseling, couples counseling online and free online marriage counseling. We also do online couples therapy. You can talk to a psychologist online for free. Relationship counseling is also done. Our services also include free online mental health counseling. This is one of the best e therapy sites. You can talk to the counselors online free.

At livinginwellbeing, we provide our services according to your convenience in your choice of atmosphere with privacy. This can be a crucial factor if you are dealing with tough situations which make you ashamed or embarrassed. Our team of experts is equipped for promptly answering your queries and issues. And, if it is found that, during the period of assessment – you need traditional medical attention or standard face-to-face treatment. You will be referred to our in-office therapy for service provision if you are in Kerala or to a local therapist.

Are You feeling Low?
Are You totally Confused?
Are You totally Worried?
Are You Unable to concentrate on Your Work?
Are You Unable to sleep Well ?
Do You have a Broken Family Relationship?
We are providing a series of Counselling Activities,
Both Online & Offline.

Personalized Counseling
Marital counseling
Premarital Counseling
Patient Counseling
Student & Teacher Counseling
Personal Fine Tuning
Anxiety,Depression& Phobia Counseling
Self Confidence Building Counseling
Crisis Management Counseling
Psychological /Emotional Problems Solving
Our Panel of Clinical Psychologists & Counsellors,
under the Direction of Dr. Purushothaman, will be giving
Upto-date & “State of the Art” Psychological & Counselling Support

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