Stress Balls

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


Stress of life and living with stress, can take quite its toll on each of us at different stages and times of our lives. Managing this stress, principles and strategies, personal action plans for our own health and well being should be considered a top priority.
There are numerous studies that argue quite convincingly that there are very powerful instinct at work in how we deal/cope with stress.
It is founded on the Fight-or-Flight Response principle (the survival of the fittest type responses). Stress management for wellness, seen holistically, is the new buzzword of our time.
Much scientific discover sheds light on stress and will continue to do so as we grapple to understand it better in order to cope with it more. Brain-mapping of people under prolonged stress and noticeable, measurable differences can be seen through visualization-type capture.
Stress can cause serious physical problems and takes a major toll on the body and mind when not managed and treated regularly. Most larger companies today receive dozens of complaints from employees regarding stress-related problems. Doctors are prescribing more and more medication to treat illnesses and physical ailments caused or exacerbated by stress. Stress related illnesses are becoming an increasing problem in our fast paced, tight scheduled lives. It is important to find ways to manage and cope with the ever increasing amounts of stress we deal with everyday. Using stress balls can be an effective part of our stress management routines.
Stress balls are becoming very popular. They are small and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse and stored in a desk drawer. They can provide quick relief from stress between tasks or during breaks at work. Most employers encourage the use of stress balls and may even provide them for you. Make sure to keep them handy so you can use them on breaks, while at lunch or for a few minutes between meetings or phone calls.
The soft and doughy feel of the stress balls are extremely soothing to the fingers, hands and feet. Some have a vibrating effect. They are washable, come in many shapes and sizes and can even be imprinted with a company name or logo.
Among other things, a high stress level can lead to the following problems:
* Increase in heart rate
* Increase in blood pressure
* Anxiety
* Loss of Sleep
* Disturbance in Concentration and Memory
* Mood swings with anger outbursts
* Poor appetite
While not technically considered a therapy for stress, squeezing stress balls can provide a very positive effect in relieving stress and coping with stressful situations.
* They can help your mind stabilize and relax by diverting your attention away from the source of the stress.
* The excess energy that is building up can be released by re-focusing on squeezing the ball. This will also result in a relaxation of the mind and body.
* Improved blood circulation increases essential nutrients in the blood such as glucose and oxygen and decreases toxins such as lactate and carbon dioxide.
* Nerves are stimulated and signals are carried to the brain including the limbic area which controls emotions. This method is very similar to the Chinese acu-pressure technique. Stimulating the brain in this way results in the release of endorphins which calm the body and give a sense of peace.
Stress balls can be found in many retail stores or they can be ordered online. They can even be custom made if you so desire. You need not spend a lot of money on a set of stress balls, however. An inexpensive set will relieve stress just as well as an expensive one. The key is to keep them nearby and train yourself to use them during periods of elevated stress. Mastering this simple technique will go a long way in helping you manage your stress effectively and reduce your chances of being afflicted with stress related illnesses.

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