Stop Drinking Alcohol - Methods For Getting Over The Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Drinking too much alcohol can damage your relationships, affect your job performance, and cause various health problems. If you just decided that you should stop drinking alcohol, then you have made a very good decision. If you stop drinking alcohol, you can enjoy many benefits such as reducing your weight, preventing liver disease, avoiding hangovers, and preventing strokes. Here you will find some useful tips on how you can stop consuming alcohol without seeking professional help or taking medications. However, knowing how to stop consuming alcohol is not enough because you will need to be determined to quit drinking alcohol if you really want to succeed.

Useful Tips on How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

The first thing you have to do if you really want to stop drinking alcohol is to turn yourself into a person who really wants to quit consuming alcohol. If you are only forcing yourself to stop because someone is forcing you to stop consuming alcohol or because your job demands you to quit consuming alcohol, then you have a slim chance of success. To really succeed in quitting alcohol, you need to do it because you want to and you are doing it for yourself. Quit drinking alcohol when you feel you are truly ready to do it and not because you are forced to do it. If you truly believe that you are doing it for yourself, then you are more likely to succeed and you are less prone to becoming tempted and returning to your old habit.

You should also change your lifestyle if you want to stop consuming alcohol. Get rid of the alcohol cans and bottles inside your home. If you are having guests over at your home, remember that you don't always have to serve them wine, beer, or cocktails. You can serve them coke, lemonade, or tea so that you will avoid getting tempted to drink alcohol. If your friends are inviting you to a party where alcohol is being served, be brave and tell them that you will not be able to join them this time. Remember that your health is more important right now and don't worry about your social life for now.

Other Tips on How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

According to experts, it is easier to stop consuming alcohol if you reward yourself for your efforts. Reward yourself with a prize for each day that you didn't drink alcohol. You can reward yourself with a bar of your favourite chocolate or a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Do not reward yourself with a can of beer or a glass of wine because those will only make it harder for you to stop consuming alcohol.

It will also be easier for you to quit consuming alcohol if you keep yourself busy during your free time. Go to the movies or exercise at the gym to prevent the temptation of consuming alcohol. Spend your drinking money on other things such as a cheap new bracelet or ring so that you won't have the money to buy alcohol.

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