Some bad habits of Young Professionals

bad habits

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

We all know that, habits and behaviors form the fundamental basis of our daily lifestyle and routine. When we do something repeatedly it becomes our habit. Habits have got great implications in the quality and quantity of our life. Refined and good habits definitely lead to better outcomes in life. The interesting facts are that many of the habits we acquire at random. Our childhood, our family setup, our educational system and social setups can definitely contribute to habit formation.
The crux of the problems is that, these habits, whether good or bad deeply affects the life and productivity of young generation especially, our young professionals. We all know that our energetic and enthusiastic young professionals are the backbone of our country and the whole world. Now, the tremendous changes in the present world have made habit formation very easy. Below we are just emphasizing some of the very common daily habits that affect our young generation adversely with regards to their financial and professional career. Even though it may be looking silly & simple, the long term effects are very, very tremendous.

1. Excessive use Cable TV
Even small time use, repeated habit of using Cable TV timely and untimely can lead a lot of Financial Loss.

2. Excessive Internet use.
Unlimited use of the Internet in the long run leads to make a Financial Loss.

3. Over Utilizing Music items and Video items like Apple's iTunes.

4. Unethical stealing of neighbors WiFi connection
Even though it is free, when caught it leads to a lot of Legal and Financial problems.

5. Maintaining unnecessary Landline.
Now a day, mobiles are very frequent, all landline becomes a liability and it grabs a regular amount of money every month.

6. Online Shopping habits.
Most of the time we start the habit of online shopping for Fun, Leisure & Convenience, later these habits will lead to huge Financial Loss.

7. Affinity for newer Gadgets.
In today's world newer and newer versions of various household and Electronics items are coming and people are running after these new updates without any essential utility and spend a lot of money unnecessarily.

8. Buying low quality items.
The habit of purchasing low quality utilities will lead to huge financial loss in the long run.

9. Not selecting High Speed Internet.
Always select High speed Internet so that we can save our precious time and money.

10. Too much on Video Game.
Even though people start video games for fun and leisure, later it will end up in a bad habit and will eventually lead to substantial monetary loss.

11. Lack of Perfect Driving habits
Erratic and unskilled driving can lead to a lot of fuel and financial loss.

12. Ignore in the Minor Troubles and problems of your Vehicle.
This habit can lead to major troubles and breakdown and time and financial loss.

13. The habit of Procrastination
Postponing our regular work to a later date will eventually add to a lot of work load and will end in incomplete projects and will definitely affect our financial and earnings.

14. The habit of Swearing.
This habit is definitely detrimental to your professional and financial gains.

15. The habit of coming late.
This habit really affects our work and financial situation.

16. Chronic absenteeism.
This habit is a watermark to our profession and will affect our professional and financial progress.

17. Misusing your business trip.
If you misuse your official and business trips it is a great loss in many ways.

18. Lack of Self Esteem.
This habit will adversely affect our future career in a variety of ways.

19. Addiction to new generation Mobiles and Apps.
This is a bad habit which is grabbing the time and money of young professionals.

20. Poor financial habits like,

Lagging to invest at the appropriate time.
Waiting to save money for a long time.
Unnecessary spending of money for less important things.
Neglecting Credit Card payments.
Delaying Bank Payments.
Delaying Insurance and the like payments.
Not paying due interest in time.
Not finishing Bank Loans.
Over depending on loans and Credits.
Habit of purchasing household items on an instalment basis.
The habit of changing new Cars regularly.
The habit of regular Gambling.
The habit of Compressive Shopping.
Carrying Credit Card balance.
The habit of opting for a Luxurious House
Not joining Health Insurance Scheme.
Not making a proper Budget Plan.
Ignoring reminders and warning from Banks and other financial organizations.
Making minimum payments, even if you have sufficient liquid money with you.
Opting for easy and quick Loan Schemes.
Not asking for appropriate help from others.
Forgetting to create a Retirement Plan.
Forgetting to make Children’s Study Plan.
The habit of not keeping Emergency Funds.
Overshopping without a Shopping List.

21. Some daily Homely Habits like,

Keeping Lights and Fans ON even if you are going out.
Doing daily rituals in a hurry without proper admission.
The habit of postponing regular Home Cleaning.
Not arranging your office equipment’s and books properly.
Postponing, cleaning used Dishes and Utensils.
Keeping your PC always ON.
Postponing your daily Reading and Studying habits.
Not washing your daily used clothes regularly.
Keeping bathroom dirty and unclean.
Keeping old foods in the Refrigerator for a long time.
Simply watching TV late in the night.
Sleeping too late at night.
The simple habit of gossipy.
Let everybody, the young and old, the householder and the professional understand these simple things and try to make a very small change, so that they will be benefited in the long run in a variety of ways.

You may also contribute some additions to this list.

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