Special Health Benefits of Running on a Daily Basis

Health Benefits Of Running

Dr. Purushothaman
November 5, 2017

Improving the quality of your life is possible when you choose to include certain exercises in your daily routine. Running is one such exercise that has a whole lot of benefits stretched out for you. Benefits of running daily can bring in you great lot of changes. Running should not be considered as an exercise, but should be considered as one of the day to day activities. Since people these days are more into working and relaxing in front of the computers, running is no longer considered as a day to day activity. Sitting idle or working without moving will lead to many serious health issues.

Making running an incredible part of your life will bring in a lot of physical as well as mental benefits. Given below are a few of them:

Helps in losing your weight

Losing your body weight, especially getting rid of the stubborn fat in your tummy is a real hilarious task. Shedding out the desired calories is possible if you take up running as a regular exercise. Running is considered the second best exercise that helps you to shed your excess calories per minute. The first position being occupied by country skiing.

Helps to get your stress relieved

Stress is really very harmful to your body as well as your mind. Too much of stress can give you a lot of health issues. Relieve your stress easily with running. While running, your body is able to exert a lot of hormones that actually cause stress disorders in the body. Stress relief can be considered as one of the major benefits of running.

Helps to prevent depression

Depression is a mental condition which can gradually give you a lot of health problems. It not only affects your sleep, but also your lifestyle as a whole. Running is a good activity that will help in decreasing and ultimately wiping off depression from you. Running is a natural way of making you feel relaxed, as the brain secretes certain hormones that are able to give a good boost to your mood.

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

As per the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (2014), those who prefer to run on a daily basis have lesser chances of getting cardiovascular problems. Running every day for just around five minutes can save you from a lot of diseases.

Helps to improve the immune system

When running becomes part of your daily routine, you will be able to stay fit and strong. Diseases like cold, digestive issues, influenza, allergic problems, menstrual issues and more will rarely affect you. In short, your immune system will improve a lot and you remain really healthy.

Gives strength to the knees

As a person gets older, he/she is prone to get pain in the knees as well as tendons. This can be prevented when you give yourself a try to run. Regular running will help to give your knees as well as tendons great strength and you will be able to get rid of knee injuries when you get old. Moreover, you can also stay in shape, which is a dream for everyone.

Tips to run

Running has to be taken up as a regular routine, or else you might not get the desired results. One should make it a point to run on a daily basis. Try to get up early in the morning. Running in the evening will not be a good option as you might feel really tired after the whole process. Running in the mornings will give you more consistency and energy that is needed for the whole day. Healthy running is only possible if you drink plenty of water or else you might get exhausted. Most import of all, warm up before the running and resting in between.

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