Some Unknown Facts About Sexuality

Dr. Purushothaman
June 24, 2018

It is a common phrase that knowledge is power. And it so is, especially in bed. The human body can be extremely strange and yet indisputably fascinating all at the same time. That brings a lot of theories and facts about the functioning of a male body, a female body and everything that happens when both collide.

Most of us know a lot of facts about sex and sexuality. Or at least we think we do. You may consider yourself as expert, but you will be surprised with all the information that we are about to provide. It may seem absurd, but it is all apparently true.

We at Living in Wellbeing have curated a couple of lesser known facts that are so uncommon that you will read and think twice before finally acknowledging.

Some Uncommon and Unknown Facts About Sexuality

  • Orgasm’s ultimate reason of existence is not pleasure

The motion of rhythmic, pulsating of the vaginal walls during an orgasm helps to push the sperm upwards and enter the uterus which then gets into the cervix.

  • Male bicyclists risk impotence

The pressure created by a bicycle seat on the male groin can cause a permanent damage to the sexual functionality. Opt for online sexual counseling in India that will let you discuss and find a balance between passion and pleasure.

  • Sex can improve a woman’s memory

Consult a sexual counselor if you think this is a lie. Sex increases the flow of blood in the body and pumps it to the hippocampal part of the brain. This in turn helps to improve a woman’s ability to remember things better and it makes her memory sharper. 

  • Orgasms are healthy

Climaxing can lead to a healthy life. They can lower the risk of heart strokes, heart diseases, depression and also breast cancer. The body also releases pleasure hormone oxytocin that facilitates social bonding. Orgasm energizes your hypothalamus gland that is responsible to regulate appetite.

  • Apples are aphrodisiacs

Commonly, fruits such as strawberries and oysters are known to help for sexual well-being. However, recent studies also show that women consuming apples on a regular basis have a better sexual functioning overall and much better self-lubrication activity.

  • Have your socks on while having sex

If you are having trouble to reach your climax, try slipping on a pair of socks while having sex. Many sessions of counselling for sexual disorders mention about the studies that indicate it is a lot easier to orgasm when your feet are warm.

  • Orgasms are of two types in women

While orgasms are quite straight up in the case of men, women on the other hand are blessed with two pleasure points. Orgasms can be of two types in women- vaginal and clitoral. Both can bring pleasure to a lady when stimulated.

  • The more the sex, the younger they look

Studies show that making love thrice a week can help you look up to ten years younger in age. It boosts your immune system and improves blood circulation, which fights against acne, makes your skin glow and keeps your skin healthy making it look younger and rejuvenated.

Did you experience a mind blown situation too? Well, if you don’t believe us, check with your own doctors who provide counseling for sexual disorders. In case you have any doubts and fears, you can also get in touch with our team of sex counselors who are very popular for providing online sexual counseling in Kerala. And lastly, if you know of any such mind boggling facts related to sex and sexuality, post it in the comments below.

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