Some simple habits that will change your life

change my life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

It is worth to go through the following quote by Keri Russell,
“Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever”.
Do you know that our habits constitute about 40 to 50 percent of our total behavior pattern? When habits are repeated, it becomes a behaviour. There are lots of psychological techniques which are well known for habits and behavioral changes. Actually, if you want a change in your habit sufficient effort and will power is needed. It is important to know that many habits are acquired from our early childhood. In order to change that, we should have sufficient effort. But, various studies have shown that some simple things when applied timely can make sudden changes in our life. Many may think that how some simple things can change your life, but the interesting fact is that if we make a small change initially, it will end in a big change in the end. Below we have tried the following very, very simple and easy to do things and it has made a lot of positive changes in the persons who had practiced it. Have a look at the simple things that you can also practice.

On waking up just make a phone call to a friend of family member and appreciate him for his achievements.
From today onwards when you get the newspaper go through the headlines only. Don't go into the details.
Think and write about 5 things that you want to do today.
Sit in your office close your eyes and don't do anything for 2 minutes.
Remember 5 nice experiences that you had yesterday.
Stand in front of a mirror and laugh of 2 minutes.
Simply write 100 words in a book.
Read a spiritual or motivational book one page daily.
Run to the upper stair through the steps.
Take 2 glasses of water daily.
Skip your morning coffee from today onwards.
Walk for 5 minutes in a different path.
You are free to add anymore simple techniques that you find useful.
If you practise these simple things from today onwards you will note that you will experience wonderful changes after 21 days. Yes! Start from today onwards.

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