Some good ways to lead a healthy life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014


What does the title sound like? Telling you the same old was to be happy and stay healthy, follow regular routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle and so on. But this article does not revolve around these topics. Though the title is rightly crafted, what we are going to learn at the end of this article is something exciting, refreshing and new. Excited already? Then read on! What could be the best way to stay healthy? Many would recommend their favorite things like eat healthy, go to gym, have a pet and take it for walks to the parks, and many more. Apart from these there are other activities which help you remain healthy at heart and at the same time they refresh your mind too. I am talking about socializing and flirta. Yes, you read it right! flirta really refreshes you. Remember, when did you flirta last time? How was the feeling? How often did you practice this activity? Many of us will not even remember when they carried out this entertaining act for last time. But intentional flirta is not what I am talking here. It is the casual flirta, which almost all of us carry out in our routine life without even knowing us. This is a very healthy way to feel good. This feel good factor makes our day. Imagine, you are traveling in a train and someone is staring at you with appreciating glances. Doesn't it feel good? Another one, you are a girl dressed to kill, well made up and with all the right accessories at right places and then you step out of the house and head to your car. Would you not care for those envious glares other girls and admiring stares of boys on your way to your car. It surely boosts your confidence and makes you feel good. When you feel good, it naturally improves your mental health, in turn leading to a nice day.
When you are feeling well and confident from within it shows in every act you perform. Another activity which may give you pleasure is visiting a online dating site. These online sites have huge potential of setting up someone's life by providing them right kinds of friends or companions. When you are in a company of good people it naturally improves your thought process and mental health. So we have come a full circle of feeling good from within to lead a healthy life eventually.
About the Author online dating on a whole world, where only your imagination are there to draw the line of flirta.

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