Soft Skill Training: It’S Relevance in the Evolving Economy

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

Trainings are generally centered on the technical expertise and other job-related skills. Companies and human resource managers initiate training sessions or webinars with a vision to upgrade technical skills and other requisites present for a particular job. But is that really enough for today's competition? Everybody thinks having a particular set of information, knowledge and exposure related to the turf concerned means everything is covered. All the risks and agendas have been dealt with. But, what happens when there is a client who requires negotiation in terms of deliverables or when the teams are not motivated enough or led in the required fashion? This poses obstacles when one wants to climb up the ladder of success and wants to stay ahead of others in the business.

Irrespective of the field or industry that one is in, soft skills training is a must when it comes to progressing in the current market scenario which is packed with rapid changes. The traditional approach to learning and training regarding leadership, management and so on by the various education consultants has become passé. An employee has to be professional through and throughout. Whether it's dealing with the customers, clients, or whether it's IT, legal or any other industry, the whole process has become strictly proficient. In other words, the managers are expected to be proactive and communicate openly. This can only materialize when there are sufficient and well-guided soft skills trainings given by the well-trained education consultants.

Definitely, it's good to be technically sound and have a good grasp of the required expertise. It is due to this that the client or a customer will come up. But it's imperative to have the ability to convey the ideas, suggestions or procedures to the team members or the client in the simplest way. Surely, any person looking to apply for a loan will go to a bank that has the best and efficient system but will collaborate with the manager only when there is a good and professional relationship. In not so many words, at the end of the day without the proper guidance and awareness relating to communication, one is handicapped. Both sides have to be balanced to move up further or stay ahead in the competition.

This need has been recognized and many bodies, institutions have trained their trainers who help several companies and Corporates to work towards achieving their goals. At first, it's not easy but with the help of education consultants who in turn have been guided and trained by the industry experts and leading professionals, there is nothing that can't be overcome.

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