Skill Training: A Necessity!

Dr. Purushothaman
December 9, 2013

Survival of the fittest” has become a globally accepted norm in today’s challenging and dynamic world. How one performs, determines his stay in the competition, both in professional and personal life. The pressure to outperform and readily adapt to change creates a deep sense of insecurity, heavily impacting the psychological status and well-being of a person. The accelerated growth of modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation calls for a complete change in the interpersonal and management skills. To realise where one stands, it is however essential not to lay stress on the weak points but rather understand how that can be worked upon. To become a successful achiever, one needs to engage in skill training and skill development courses that motivate to stay in the league rather than backing out of the race.

The emphasised stress on skill training clearly suggests that there is a noticeable gap between the potential people and the amount of opportunities lying ahead of them. Attention extends to preparing the youth and the adults for employment so that they can keep up with the structural changes in the economy. Since the criticism on education is highlighted every now and then, acquiring and improving the skills becomes vital, in relevance to the industry needs. Vocational education and training programs can provide abundant opportunities. Realising the changing trends, there are several education consultants in the market who design and fit the skill development programs as per the needs and specifications of the candidates.

Education consultants try to build a pipeline for young and able people through skill training programs and improve their chances of employment. Those who can acquire full time vocational training can indulge in various other short term courses. The concern for the deliberate need of skilled personnel is realised by organisations every day. It is here where the education consultants play a major role. Through personalised programs, they develop positive attributes in individuals so that they can be more productive and contribute effectively to the organisation. Skill training can be broadly classified into two types: basic skill training and soft skill training. Basic skill training lays emphasis on the technical skills while the later focuses on overall personality development. Education consultants create perfect solutions for all the professionals so as to make them a part of skilled workforce.

Skill training enables candidates to identify their skills and potential and empower them to attain their goals through practical training, counselling, improved education and proper guidance. It not only helps the students to realise their career aspirations, but also helps experienced professionals through strategic tools so that they can be more competent and confident in life.

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