Simple ways for a Faster Working Day

personal learning and development

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Have you ever thought of how to be a smarter person by doing things smarter and faster? We may be smart in our life, but we may not be fast and also vice versa. To be more creative and successful, we should be active, smarter and faster. This pattern should be our daily routine. We think that to become a Smart person we have to do some great things. We think that it is very hard and time consuming. But things are not so difficult as you think. We can make everything simple, easy and faster by adopting and understanding some basic things in life. If we look into the life of successful persons they all had done and accomplished great goals in a very easy way. The reasons are that they adopted very simple techniques in their daily life. So let us also adopt some simple tips and tools that will also enhance our productivity and creativity in a big way.
1. Always have a definite daily routine.
2. Find a time when you wake up to exercise your body and mind.
3. During your breakfast time go through a book summary daily.
4. Listen to Motivational and Inspirational audios during your eating time.
5. Always drink plenty of water and sufficient green tea during working hours.
6. Avoid Stimulant drinks like Coffee and the like.
7. Find time to take small breaks.
8. Don't consume more sugary and sweet snacks during the day time.
9. Don't spend more time on Social Networking sites.
10. Spent time in simple games that watching the TV and Movies.
11. Read Motivational books instead of Simple Gossipy.
12. Plan some future programs when alone.
13. Watch a TED talk video once a week.
14. Find time to interact with good people.
15. Involve in a daily discussion forum.
16. Find time to enjoy the nature every day.
17. Go to bed early.
18. Keep away from unnecessary social activities.
19. Always repeat a mental prayer in free time.
20. Make Meditation a part of your life.

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