Simple Tips for Working Smarter

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

All of us work every day from morning to evening in various situations. But if you observe, we can see that some people are working very faster, very actively and in a better way than others. Have we ever thought how it happens? We can find many explanations for this. Basically, some people are very active and creative. Some others are very lazy. Some don’t know how to utilize their time energy in a better way. Have you heard this saying? “work smarter, not harder” Let us understand the meaning of this ! If we really understand how to utilize our time we can be more productive and creative without putting undue physical and mental efforts. We are giving below some simple techniques which will change our working pattern and we will become more productive and successful in our future life.
Pre-planning and Restructuring our Tasks.
We have to Plan, Re-plan and Re-analyze our Projects and Programs very early and make out a work chart. So that, we can utilize our time without wasting.
Always take up one project at a time.
It is seen that most of us, out of our initial enthusiasm and curiosity take up multiple things in our life. But in the long run, we will find that we are no where. We are unable to finish our Projects. Successful people always focus on one thing and finish it and then proceed to the next one. So, let us also start focusing on one thing on today onwards.
Prioritize your Task.
Always select and prioritize our daily work. Sometime we do something saying that it is very urgent. But actually it may not be your priority. Make it a point to work on priority basis rather than other unimportant label.
Cut off the surrounding distractions
In your working place it is better to switch off your telephones, Sound systems and the like distracting devices. So that you can intensely concentrate on your current job.
Relax in between.
In between your work make it a routine to take a small break (10 Minutes) so that, you can give rest your mind and body and be more alert and active thereafter.
Avoid Unnecessary Interactions
When we are working unnecessary and unexpected interaction occurs. Various persons will come for various reasons. It is a good policy to avoid visitors and others when you are working on a particular project. It is better to fix a special time for visitors and others, so that you can avoid unnecessary wasting of time in your working hours.
Avoid over commitment.
Most of the time we unknowingly make commitments to many persons. We always agree to execute everything that comes in our way. Initially we may be unable to understand the problem. Later it may be difficult to complete our tasks. Whenever possible before taking up any projects think twice and then decide whether you can take it up or not. Selective commitments lead to a successful outcome.
Always keep a check list in your working table
You can place a working list in your office and you can tick the items that you have finished today.

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