Simple things for Self Motivation

self motivation

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Motivating ourselves for a better tomorrow is of utmost importance to each & everybody. Actually, Self-motivation is a great skill that we have to develop. In our life we are facing encouraging and discouraging situations. Sometimes one will find difficult which path to choose. Actually, motivation is an inner calling. If we keep our mind and body healthy newer and newer situations and chances will come to our life. We should always keep receptive and open mind by adopting various motivational techniques we can enhance our motivational skills and we can become better persons. Really, we can recreate our life in the most effectice & efficiant way. Motivation is an activating force to awaken our inner potentials. Below you can find some very simple things if we practice regularly will motivate ourselves very quickly. Let us have a look at them.
Always have a positive and creative self-talk in every morning.
Read and think about one motivational quote every day.
Always have enough rest and sleep.
Always go to bed early and wake up in the early morning.
Create and focus on a mind map showing your goals.
Daily write a goal journal.
Don't get worried about past mistakes.
Always do what you really like.
Always accomplish big task in small chunks.
Always select a beautiful and relaxing working space.
Share your goal with light minded persons.
Utilize setbacks as a new driving force in life.
Do something in a different way.
Even in little things find happiness and do it perfectly.
Read a chapter of a motivational book every day.
Watch motivational videos like TED Talks.
Always plan in advance.
Find time to relax in between your work.
Get excited by the life of great achievers and follow them.
Always utilize all the resources for success.
Focus on one thing at a time.
Don't worry about the negative thoughts in life.
Accept and approve success and failure equally.
Surrender to the Almighty God.

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