Some Simple Steps to enhance Your Total Wellbeing

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Cut-short your TV watching time
Stop uptake nutriment.
Stop uptake pizza pie and cooked foods.
Stop driving places that you simply may simply walk to.

Scan a minimum of one book a month.

Take categories in what interests you or your vocation.

Work enough to support yourself, and if required get a brand new job or second job to form enough to support yourself. ne'er follow employment that does not pay enough to support yourself despite what proportion you're employed.

Pay off your debts and do not come in debt. you'll pay off your debts if you avoid unneeded expenses, like cable, expensive garments, impractical decorations, un wanted snacks, jewelry and others

Do not buy a automotive on finance, and do not get a chic automotive if a less expensive one that works is accessible.

Get up early, and obtain all of your work done as quickly as attainable. that has home chores, likewise as your employment.

Drink alcohol less or quit.

Ingest less or quit.

Do not smoke cigarettes.

Do not eat foods with high ketohexose sirup.

Do not drink soda.

Do not eat candy foods the least bit.

Do not drink over one glass of juice per day.

Arise straight and have sensible posture.

Look individuals within the eyes after you see them.


Be polite.

Keep your guarantees.

Wear a watch, if you'll afford it.

Eat breakfast.

If you eat cereal at any time, select your cereal supported physiological state not palatability.

Exercise a minimum of three days per week.

Walk usually.

Continually write with correct orthography and descriptive linguistics.

Ne'er speak worse a couple of creator their back than you are doing to their face. (Feel absolves to say nicer things a couple of creator their back than to their face.)

Do not gossip and do not have a giant mouth.

Ne'er chooses others harsher than you choose yourself.

Create New Year's resolutions, however create one daily rather than per annum.


Forgive, however always remember.

Keep as few secrets as fairly attainable.

Always keep your friends' secrets.

Courteously tell folks that you'll not betray your friends' trust, after you area unit asked regarding their secrets and such.

Volunteering (i.e. activism) is additional vital than vote. If you'll do each, sensible for you. If you merely have time for one, volunteer rather than vote. It makes additional of a distinction.

In private question your own values.

Avoid questioning different people's values, particularly publicly.

Listen over you speak.

Use a journal to count what percentage calories you consume per day.

Use a journal to count what percentage calories you burn per day.

If you would like to slenderize, burn slightly over you consume. If you would like to realize weight, consume slightly over you burn. If you're proud of your weight, attempt to burn identical quantity as you consume.

Ne'er tells others that you simply assume they or one thing they're doing is immoral or sinful.

Keep your ethical values and faith to yourself. Use them to direct your own actions.

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