Short Guide - How To Live a Healthy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


Nowadays, our lifestyles are hectic. We have work, family, leisure, and social commitments fit within a limited time. For us to be able to manage the needs of our daily lives, we need to stay healthy. But what is a healthy lifestyle? Eating a variety of fresh healthy food, having enough exercise and getting time to relax are terrific ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Almost everyone, with no doubt, have a little interest in physical activity. Nonetheless, the right amount of exercise is essential for developing healthy habits. The regularity of exercise is particularly vital. If, for some reason, one cannot engage in vigorous exercise, such as swimming, simple walking will do; a good start in the interest of good health.
Another important component of a healthy lifestyle is getting the proper nutrition. Fast living, lack of culinary skills, and lack of time are the main reasons for eating in a chaotic manner. Sometimes, we are even too hungry to take care of cooking. We eat what is within a reach. To satisfy our hunger, we get a fast food fried chicken, French fries, or a hot dog. It's easy but quite unhealthy for our body and shape. This food typically provides great value with low calories and nutrients. How can we avoid this? We need to focus on applying small changes in our approach to diet. If we want fast but healthy food, a nutritional quality product should be available within our reach. Stacking up our fridge with high-value food should become a basis for the fridge.
I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is time to relax. According to research, one of the main reasons why most of the diseases that exist today is extreme stress and lack of knowledge about how to fight it effectively. We are concerned about the future, and we feel guilty about past failures. We demand of ourselves more and more, but we have less and less time to ourselves. We try to be what we are not. This will only lead to more stress and tension in our lives. Only when we are inwardly relax and are in acceptance of ourselves, then we are able to get rid of stress. An effective way to achieve such a state is to find time to relax. This will regenerate our body and mind. Furthermore, through deep relaxation, we can change our behaviors, the way of experiencing the world, and, hence, our lives.
In today's world, a healthy lifestyle is critical to our wellbeing. Implementing basic tasks such as exercising, eating good quality food, and finding time to relax, not only enable us to have a solid basis for a good life to build, but also dramatically improve our lives.
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