Shed weight by improving your eating habits

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Shed weight by improving your eating habits
Usually, overweight has long been related to overeating. It's a misconception actually. According to systematic research, it's not overeating but improper eating habits that is responsible for overweight. You You'll get the same opinion if you ask a nutrition expert or a practicing doctor. The reason why you gain weght lies in your improper eating habits. So the only way to lose the extra pounds you have put on is to maintain a proper eating habit while at the same time go for lots of exercise. Below are four tips on diet habits to shed your extra calories.
Begin the day by eating a healthy breakfast. It is a common myth that if you want to lose weight, you should start by skipping a meal or 2 once in some time. Almost all of the people have a tendency to skip their breakfast as it is awfully handy to do so in the morning rush. The fact is that as you are not eating breakfast, your body remains in a kind of energy conservation mode in which it is put in by your mind while you are sleeping. This involves a lot of fat buildup. Having breakfast fre-quently makes sure that no such thing occurs and your body comes out of its energy saving mode extraordinarily fast.
2nd important thing is to drink lots of water. Water is a bare prerequisite of life, 2nd only to the need to breathe and is followed by food. Drinking a large amount of water helps you maintain a proper body temperature and also ensures that your metabolism remains active to its maximum capacity. In addition to this, if you drink lot of water and at regular intervals, it causes you to urinate time and thus cleans various toxins from your body. Finally, drinking a lot of water keeps you full and thus mars the need of greed.
Thirldly, eat plenty of fibrous food. The diet you take should contain lots of fiber. Fibrous food is essential for 2 reasons. First, since fiber rich foods are slow to digest, they stay in the body for long and so stay away hunger. This prohibits you from eating often which can result in gaining weight. Fiber rich food keeps the stomach full for long periods. And 2nd, a fiber rich diet flushes out additional cholesterol, thereby keeping your heart healthy. So, a fiber rich diet can provide you more energy and you may use this energy to exercise more to dump the calories.
Finally, ensure that your stomach does not remain empty by taking small meals at little intervals. This is critical to avoid overeating which can result in additional pounds. Your 'in between' meals should include only small snacks and fresh fruits.
Remember eat correctly and you will lose weight, eat less and you will fall ill.

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