Seven Critical Employability Skills

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

It is easier to find a job, if you have specific sought-after skills. In fact, according to Brian McCullough, founder of, they are getting snatched up quickly. As following is some critical employability skills, which you need to have on your resume.

1. Math, statistics, or data analysis
McCullough tells us that the majority of company tries to make clear how to manage their data stream. The big business is looking for people to help them manage, organize, and tap into that data, which is a main trend across all the industries. They take control of the key skills and the main line of the company.

2. Supply chain management and logistics
Because companies are always looking for ways to save money and be more efficient, Recruiters often search these skills. If these skills are on your resume or the example of dealing with supply chain and logistics appear on the resume, you will not worry about the jobs. Headhunters and hiring managers will come to you.

3. Social media
In the social media, you have a good resource, so you will have better development. If you claim that you are social media experts, you'd better have an active online home page, and have a large number of followers. You cannot just post the micro blog and you need reply to followers and participate in the conversation. You have to express the liveness. What is more, you have the resource about social media, which will increase the capital of entering the position about the media.

4. CRM Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management plays an important role over 15 years. And it is the key to operations for almost all industries in the private and even the public sector. The customers are the god. They decide whether they will buy your cheap rs gold and runescape money or other products. The benefits of company are related directly to the consumers. Doing customer relationship management well is the goal of every company. The keyword shows your ability and skills on the main platforms. The human resource will research these firstly.

5. Crisis management
Crisis management contains risk management, emergency management, public safety, public relations, operations management, and brand management. These are modern management. When people suffer from the kinds of situation, they have to open the plan to solve problems. And these problems appear in the uncertain time. It is very hard to deal well with it. Therefore, if you have this skill, you will be elite of the company.

6. P&L Responsibility
If you have the experience of P&L Responsibility, you will stand out from the crowed. They are able to analysis the direct responsibility for revenue development and cost control. The position of General management will be the thing of your porket. The company needs the high level on the respect of the P&L Responsibility.

7. Foreign language
It is said that a foreign language is the most successful keyword on the resume. Maybe you won’t use the foreign language in the work. But owing it is a big fortune. This is the basic requirement for company.

Whatever skills you have, jobseekers need to think about what hiring managers will search for when creating their resume. For example, recruiters aren't going to search for vague terms like "self starter" or "detail-oriented." Instead, they'll search for the skills that they need in a candidate, so you need to think about your experiences, degree, major, specialties and certifications all as keywords.

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