Reasons to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

In business there are countless different skills that we need to thrive. Leadership no doubt is highly important if we want to progress up the company ladder and to be given management roles and other positions of higher pay. Likewise maths can be useful for accounting and keeping on top of the finances, while you will also need a general creativity and lateral thinking in order to come up with new ideas and to keep your business changing moving forward.

However one of the most important skills of all in business is communication, and if you can't communicate well then this is something that you should very much seek to improve - particularly your written communication which more and more is a crucial way to make yourself a success. Here we will look at why this is.

First of all, it is important to take into account the way the world works today - in the modern digital age almost all communication is written and we thrive on the fact that we can communicate via e-mail, via text and via Facebook message. Thus if you want something done in another department, or by a business client, then you need to write to them to get it done and that's what they will be expecting.

Now when you write them this e-mail your ability to communicate concisely and accurately what you mean is incredibly important. Get it wrong and right away you have created the possibility of confusion and of things going wrong - you may find that the person carries out the wrong task because they didn't understand what you wanted, or that they end up getting offended even because they have gotten the wrong impression.

At the same time you also need to communicate well simply for your reputation, and if you are writing to clients and it looks like you can't spell or don't understand grammar well, then this is going to damage your reputation and the way they see you and they'll be considerably less likely to order your services or to want to work with you in future - particularly as this might be the only way they deal with you. And if you're going for an interview, or hoping for a promotion, then this is highly important as well.

But all this is just why it's important not to communicate badly. What's even more valuable is that you do communicate superbly. In this situation you then open yourself up to a lot more job opportunities and roles as you can be involved in writing, in copywriting, in communications and admin, in marketing and more. The ability to write well for business often means the ability to convince someone using language, and if you know how to do this then you can make them much more likely to want your product - in fact someone who is truly great at communication can write something that will sell a product that the person though they didn't even want, or even help to inspire a team to work better. This is a powerful tool and one you should certainly learn to employ.

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