Pursuing A Career in Finance

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


When talking about career in finance, the people a long time ago just simply did back-office recording keeping. When you say finance person, he is just simply a record-keeping person in the company.

The business has evolved into a more challenging industry; hence, the role of finance becomes more challenging as well. The finance person is already known as somebody who has broader knowledge about the financial business operation particularly on how to control and plan it and make wise decisions after all.

Within finance, you can find plenty of roles in which you never have to be involved in pure accounting jobs. Among the career options available for finance include financial management, financial planning, fund management, trading, financial service, and regulatory compliance. The jobs enumerated earlier would really require a lot of skills so when you are interested about one of them, then you have to check whether it is suited to your personality and skills as well.

Select a career related to risk management if you think that your analytical skills are great. With such a good background, you can help many financial institutions or banks measure and manage the financial risks. As a financial expert, you may directly apply to any available insurance firm where you can be of great help in determining strategies to avoid losses and provides proper price and design to all insurance products. You should somehow be ready to perform crunching skills when necessary. Take note that when you commit a small mistake, it would turn into a big loss so you have to be very careful and diligent.

Now, if you feel like going to a lot of places and meeting people, the best career role you have to choose is on selling financial instruments. You may also decide to work in a bank or insurance company and help them promote their insurance or financial products to many customers. If you choose bank as your working field, then you should be effective when selling credit cards, home loans, deposit accounts, and even personal instant loans. For a career in sales, expect that your company will grant you intensive trainings so you will become effective when selling the financial goods. You will be expected to perform at your best when it comes to selling the financial goods. You will be receiving decent salaries but the most exciting part is that you can receive many commissions when you go beyond the target sales.

You can also choose to be a part of trading industry. If you want to achieve a good financial standing, you should study your financial markets and anchor all your strategies to make them desirous of your products. If you show a good performance, expect to get good salaries and bonuses. Know more about simple unsecured loans.

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