Natural Spiritual Healing Methods

Dr. Purushothaman
April 10, 2019

The art of spiritual healing is becoming a significant trend in today's society. With a world filled with a materialistic/productive approach, people are starting to yearn for something more, something beyond the current bounds that society has set for us.
Following the current trend will tell you that even Hollywood artists are doing it! We hear of news such as the likes of Khloe Kardashian being unable to live without their healing crystals. Naturally, such will cause a rise in the popularity of these spiritual methods.
As such, in this article, we will be exploring the possibility of spiritual healing – the process of allowing ourselves to be filled with cosmic energy, alternative medicine, healing stones, and the like.

The Art of Natural Healing

With the development of new ways to address diseases, the advancements in modern science have brought about standard medical approaches in diseases. The problem sometimes is that some of these approaches are too intrusive that it goes against the way nature has designed us.
For instance, we know that chemotherapy doesn’t only destroy the bad cells, but also the healthy ones. This is why when people undergo such procedure, they lose their hair or have changes in their skin color. Such a tedious process disrupts the flow of nature.
Despite its effectivity, modern methods of healing can be quite questionable for a growing minority. Alternatives to such are slowly being popularized. As such, we see options coming from various minorities such as healing stones, alternative medicine, and even spiritual energy healing.
Such totality classifies itself under natural healing – the umbrella term for alternative methods of medicine.

But what is its scope?

Just like modern medicine, natural healing covers both internal and external illnesses. But unlike the modern one, natural healing seeks to provide a holistic approach to the body and the mind.
In this case, one crucial concept is that natural healing believes in how the mind can influence the body. Meaning, our thoughts can affect our physical body. When we are stressed, this can turn into physical conditions. Similarly, when we are mentally and spiritually healthy, such positive energy is believed to influence the physical body.
Thus, natural healing seeks to take on this approach through the spiritual. By having greater understanding and control of one’s psyche, the body can address issues on its own.
With this, we’ll be suggesting some of the top natural healing through spirituality techniques!


Believed to be an ancient Japanese practice, Reiki healing is one of the most famous approaches to spirituality. The word Reiki comes from two words – Rei meaning a higher being and Ki as universal energy.
In the whole process of Reiki healing, the goal is to make sure that we are rechanneling this positive energy, allowing it to flow freely in our bodies. In doing so, we hope to positively influence not only our psyche, but also our internal organs to become healthy.
As such, Reiki's approach to this is living by five key mantra points which all begins with the affirmation "JUST FOR TODAY". These keywords I will never be angry, I will never worry, I will be grateful always, I will execute my work honestly, I will be kind and loving to everybody
By following these five key mantra points daily, Reiki hopes to change the general outlook that we have about life which will improve the quality of it as well.

Chakra Healing

Another point that has taken the world by storm, especially in the advent of the New Age, is chakra healing. Stemming from the basic Hinduist practice, chakra healing is the process of fixing the seven vital chakra points to restore the natural flow of energy.
For the practitioners, these chakra points are either blocked or overactive, leading to adverse effects on various aspects of our lives, including specific portions of our physical body.
As such, the seven chakra points are as follows: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. Each of these points is connected to the spine, the central pipeline of the whole body.
By making sure that these points are not blocked or overactive, we can begin the natural healing processes in our body.

Crystal Healing

Lastly, another popular way to address one’s natural healing process spiritually is through the use of healing crystals.
Generally, healing crystals or gemstones or natural rock formations. They are believed to contain specific healing properties through the vibrations and frequency waves stored in it as it was created.
As such, each healing crystal has their own unique set of properties, allowing them to address a wide range of both physical and mental problems. With this, they are hugely popular, most especially because they are used even by famous individuals around the world.
Furthermore, healing crystals offer unique value for it can be used in conjunction with other natural healing and spiritual processes. For instance, it can be used together with chakra or reiki healing, providing an amplified approach.

Final Word

Healing naturally attempts to follow the ways and laws of nature. By using cosmic forces and vibrations, we can tread nature's path in addressing our illnesses, instead of intrusively approaching them through modern medicine.
Although we should still use modern medicine when it is required, trying out natural healing methods won’t hurt us anyway.

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