Being Mentally Healthy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Take a hike! – shut your eyes and dream of being in your
favorite place – come in the forest, lazing on the beach, on a ship or a vacation. simply go there. Breathe Slowly – Take some slow,
deep breathes and with every one hear the air coming back into and going your lungs.

Have fun – happy really lowers a endocrine (cortisol) that our bodies turn out after we area unit below stress. Having fun concerning one thing is fun too.

Run off the music – placed on some favorite music that takes you to a unforgettable occasion. Music that you simply will dance or sing to is even higher.

Get some sunshine – contemporary air and daylight is nice for your psychological state, particularly in winter.

Regular exercise – Aim for half-hour every day – walk, swim, cycle, stretch, even very little bite size bouts of exercise. It all helps!

Decision an exponent – Have a yarn, catch up for a low.

Get to sleep! – Adequate sleep could be a huge facilitate. Aim for 6-8 hours per night, nightly.

Provides it a rest – scale back your intake of alcohol.

Eat healthy – Eat additional raw foods (vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes) and fewer sugar, fat and processed foods. Drink many water too.
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