MBA With Soft Skills Wanted

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

When it comes to business management programs, students are always keen on knowing the future of their choice. Therefore placements play a pivotal role in deciding the choice of business schools where you want admission. Often we see students aspiring to do an MBA in Pune. But, you need to step back and ask yourself whether the aspiration to do an MBA in Pune is supported by the right facts. Does your IT B school offer good placement opportunities? Will you be exposed to an industry relevant curriculum at the business management course Pune? These are just some of the questions that you will need to figure out when it comes choosing a business management program. In fact, these rules are applicable to every program including an MBA in IT.
Nevertheless, Pune offers excellent options when it comes to pursuing courses like MBA in IT. After all, the oxford of East is home to world class Symbiosis Institutes like Symbiosis Center for Information Technology. Yes! SCIT offers a fresh beacon of home for aspirants wanting to pursue business management programs in the niche domain of information technology. Currently the institute offers a regular MBA in IT as well as an executive MBA which is similar to a part time MBA program. But the differentiation for SCIT lies in its well structured curriculum. Even in terms of placement the institute registers as one of the best IT B school in the country.
A dedicated team works on researching the latest trends of the IT industry. In fact, research is a regular feature for students and teachers alike at SCIT. Apart from the academic skills, MBA in IT program should also be able to train students in terms of acquiring soft skills. While the academic exposure will help you develop a proactive management approach, the soft skills will help you communicate this approach to ensure smooth execution. This is just one of the benefits of the soft skills that you acquire as part of the MBA programs.
Very few IT B schools are able to offer an environment that propagates the development of soft skills as well as hard skills in equal balance. The culture for leadership that is soon going to be the most sought after skill. It is only through MBA programs that you can inculcate this culture within the future league of managers. Schools like SCIT invest paramount efforts to identify these industrial trends and accordingly update their curriculum to ensure that the students are never left out.
MBA programs are a well planned career move that help participants jump the career ladder and initiate a growth phase. Soft skills play a crucial role in deciding the extent to which this growth phase is realizable.

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