Do You Know these Weight Gaining Foods

foods to gain weight

Dr. Purushothaman
August 19, 2017

Gaining more pounds is easy. All you need to do is to pick the healthiest, tasty as well as cheap food that is available. Picking food that are your favorites will help in making things much easier. But make sure to avoid the junk foods that are unhealthy. For gaining the perfect body mass, eating the right food counts a lot.

Eggs- Adding more calories to the body is possible when you choose eggs for your breakfast. Try out the many recipes available so that you will not get bored of eating eggs the same old way. Eggs have around 75 calories, jam-packed with fat as well as protein.  This is the reason why they give you more energy in the morning soon after you had them for breakfast.

Avocado- Eating avocado on a daily basis will help you gain the perfect body weight. This wonder fruit has around 29 grams of fat and 320 calories. As the fruit is loaded with high calories, people on a diet usually avoid it. The avocado contains saturated fat, and hence it should not be taken in large amount, as it is not good for the health.

Milk- Milk is a weight gain food. It has around 150 calories per glass. As it is easily available and affordable, people who need to gain weight can consume it. Too much of milk is also not good for the health as it contains fat in it. Those who hate to drink cow’s milk, or who are allergic to cow’s milk may prefer to choose Soy Milk.

Tuna- Tuna is a food that contains healthy fats. By consuming Tuna, you may be able to gain weight and also get the essential nutrients that are good for the body too. Trying out the many tuna dishes each day can help you consume it without making your taste buds get tired the same taste.

Nuts- Snacking is a habit that most of us have. But snacking can be healthier if we tend to choose the right snacks. Nuts can be labeled under the category of healthy snacks. Nuts are high in calories as well as fat. Hence, care should be taken not to consume them in large amounts.

Cheese- Cheese is a food that contains 400 calories per 100 grams. Cheese also contains high levels of fat along with the calories.  You can mix the cheese with salads or even with desserts to enjoy its taste. As it has fat, consuming them without any restriction is not recommended.

Chocolate- Dark chocolate is a food that contains calories, around 500 in every 100 grams. This is higher than the calorie rate in cheese. These are good antioxidants. As it contains fats and sugar in large numbers, you simply have to eat small quantities so as to avoid health related problems.

Brown rice- Brown rice contains complex carbohydrates, and hence it is good for gaining weight. You can consume brown rice along with other foods or may use the powdered brown rice to the shakes. A good body building is possible with brown rice, if consumed in the proper way.
There is a lot of other food that help you in gaining weight, such as oatmeal, cereals, whey, white bread, tropical fruits, butter, sweet potato, white meat, pasta and more. While choosing weight gain food, care should always be taken not to consume them in large numbers, as this can aggravate health issues at a quicker pace.

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