Do You Know the Health Benefits of Trampolining

Dr. Purushothaman
August 10, 2017

Trampoline is loved by kids as well as adults. Jumping on a trampoline can be not only enjoyable, but healthy too. When we jump on a trampoline the right way, we can become healthy. Health benefits of trampolining are many. They are:

Detoxifying- Detoxification is possible when you trampoline often. It helps in the disposal of the wastes from lymph. Thus we find that the toxic substances in the body, such as dead cells, bacteria and virus will be disposed through lymphatic disposal.

Fat burning the proper way- when you jump on a trampoline for just 10 minutes, you get the effect of running for half an hour. These two activities are proven to burn our body fats in an effective manner. Burning fat from our body will be quicker if we jump on the trampoline for half an hour for three or times a week.

Reduce Obesity- it is a proved fact that trampolining is more effective than running. It can decrease the body weight in a quicker manner. This will help us to avoid obesity. The most interesting fact is that trampolining can increase the rate of metabolism, thus making our body process the essential nutrients quickly. This will help in keeping the body weight in a normal manner.

Reduces the aging process-when you exercise on a trampoline, you are able to fight against the process of aging. Usually aging process speeds up when there is a poor performance of muscles and heart, the shrinkage of the lungs and the low density of the bones. Trampolining on the other hand gives the body full exercise, making it young and healthy.

Giving strength to the muscles- Muscles are involved when we jump. Trampolining is an exercise that gives our tendons, muscles and ligaments complete exercise, thus making it stronger.

Promoting the flow of blood- Good movement and the right exercise will help you reduce the bad cholesterol. When you jump on a trampoline, you are indirectly helping in promoting the flow of blood. This can help in providing a good supply of oxygen to the red blood cells, which on the other hand helps in lowering the blood pressure, helping to strengthen our heart.

Improvement in mental health- Apart from Trampolining for health is known to all. But no one knows that trampolining helps in improving the mental health to a very large extent. When you jump on a trampoline, you become happy and self confident. Being positive about ourselves as we jump can be experienced. This is because the body releases the hormone named endorphin.

Stabilization of the Nervous system- As we bounce on the trampoline, it naturally decreases the stress in us. Bouncing helps in increasing our health and helps in stabilizing the nervous system. The result is that we are able to fight against stress every time we enter such a situation. Jumping on the trampoline helps us to keep off from depression.

Other benefits of trampolining
Living healthy does not mean to eat well and to do regular exercise. It also means to take up things that are enjoyable to our body and mind, and trampolining is one such activity. Other major benefits of trampolining include improvement of self esteem, improvement of the performance the lungs and increase in the immune system. Making children practice trampolining will help them to be more successful in academics and help them to stay happy and energetic.

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