Do You Know the Health Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Swimming

Dr. Purushothaman
August 7, 2017

The reasons for early age mortality these days are mainly being physically inactive and being obese. So as to become healthy, one needs to take exercises on a regular basis and have healthy meal too. You can do exercise in the way of taking up any form of sport. While choosing a sport activity as an exercise, it is very essential to see if it really engages our body the right way. Choosing swimming would be a better choice if you keep this factor in mind. This is a kind of sport that has been loved by majority since ages, as it gives a lot of benefits to the body. Health benefits of swimming are many, but the reason why to choose swimming has to be known too.

Swimming helps the person to be buoyant. Buoyancy or the skill to float in water actually made swimming a kind of safe sport. But learning the right skill is necessary before trying to swim. Swimming is a kind of sport that can be practiced even by those who are suffering from any kind of injury in the vertebrae or even the joints. Those who are restricted from land sports, when they are having a major injury in the backbone or the joints, can try out swimming, as  it does not need the hard work of the joints for completing the action.

Some of the benefits of the sport are:

Helps to prevent heart disease- Heart disease is related to the cardiovascular endurance. While taking part in swimming activities, you will be able to decrease the risk of heart disease to a very large extent.

Helps in gaining flexibility of the muscles- While taking up swimming on a regular basis, you will not only gain muscle strength, but gain muscle flexibility too. Since it is a very good stretching exercise, it helps in giving flexibility to the muscles.

Increases the rate of metabolism- When energy is produced in the body in the right way, we call it Metabolism. Taking part in any kind of sport activity will help in the process of metabolism in the body. While swimming, the person will be in need of energy and the energy produced in the body will be more at that time. This exercise actually can help with the disorders in metabolism, thus acting as a check against lack of stamina in us.

Helps to maintain a healthy brain- While choosing swimming as the physical activity, you are able to boost up the working of your brain in a healthy way. Swimming makes the functioning of the brain better with the help of the process called Hippocampal Neurogenesis. This is a process that usually happens in the brain. During this process, the cells of the brain that are lost due to stress are replaced with new ones.

Helps to get rid of depression as well as stress- Psychological benefits of swimming are many.

Endorphin hormone is released when you are involved in swimming activity. Endorphin is actually a stress reliever. You can swim in either warm or cold water, which actually rejuvenates you altogether, getting you out of depression.

Other benefits
Some other benefits of exercise swimming are: It prevents symptoms of asthma, lowers the blood pressure, helps in reducing the risks of injury, prevents Alzheimer, Increases the density of the bone and improves the quality of sleep. On the whole, swimming gives a lot of benefits to the body and mind, giving us a lot of energy physically and mentally.

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