Do You Know the Benefits Of Online Counseling

Dr. Purushothaman
March 28, 2018

Rahman was a farmer living in Gujarat and he was happy because he is getting enough for his hard work. One day a wise man came to his village and he told Rahman about the importance of Diamond, and the power he will get from that. The wise man said if you have a big diamond with the size of your head you will get power like a king. After hearing this from the wise man the farmer was restless. He used to think for hours about how to get it. At last he decided to sell his property. He sold that property to his friend David and he went to search for the diamond. He searched in more than three countries. He didn’t get. He spent all his money searching for the diamond. At last he decided to suicide, and he committed suicide.

One day David who bought the farm was watering it. Surprisingly, he got a stone which is shining like a rainbow when sunshine hits it. He took that stone to his home. One day that wise man came to the David house and he saw the shining stone he was surprised to see that and he asked David “From where did you got this diamond”? David said “it is not diamond it is just a stone I got from my farm there are so many stones like this in my farm”. They send that stone for analysis and the wise man was correct it was a diamond.

Opportunities are always under our feet. We have to recognize it at the right time otherwise it will slap at your face. Like that in this century you have so many opportunities open for you. The only thing is that we have to choose it in the Right timing.

We all know that technologies are highly developed and is still developing day by day. In that way telemedicine had improved a lot. Now we can take advises from a psychologist or a counselor by sitting in our home. So here I am listing some benefits of such online counseling.

  • Helps in sharing our deepest secrets easily and quickly.

Through online counseling it is seen that person will be free to share their problems. For example, if you got a sexual abuse of a person who is in close relation with your family and you are not able to share it with others and you cannot go and meet a counselor directly because your parents will not permit it, if they are permitted also you cannot open up your mind easily in a face to face counseling. In such cases you can directly take help from a counselor through online counseling, which will make you more comfortable.

  • Helpful For Handicapped persons

Handicapped persons always require some sort of help from others, if  they want to go somewhere. So here online services help them a lot. Everyone like to be independent, but independence is always linked to responsibility or accountability. If you are giving a knife to a child, definitely it will be a danger. But when the child grows up he will learn how to handle a knife. Now he can freely use it, nobody will block him. You will naturally get your freedom when you will become responsible. In case of disabled person they try to become independent, but they are forced to become a depended person. In such cases, online services are playing very good role in supporting and encouraging them.

  • Helpful For Persons Living In Remote Areas

Now a days due to urbanization and nuclear families, persons who need psychological assistance is increasing day by day. According to statistics an average of 1 lakh medical professionals is passing out every year, but the scarcity in psychological counseling is still increasing. Professionals who are experienced are working around town area and those who are living in remote area are not getting support from  an experienced counselor. Now the situation had changed, you can talk to an experienced counselor by sitting in your village itself.

  • Affordability

Online counseling is very affordable even many counseling centers are providing free online counseling which is of good quality, mainly in issues regarding anxiety, stress, phobia etc.

  • Social Stigma

In this century also people are thinking that if a person had consulted a counselor, he may be mentally ill and society will label him as a mentally ill person. People need to change their thinking. But the truth is that we cannot change everyone, but we can change one person that is our self that is we can change our way of approaching. We can take help from the counselor through online services and we can keep our case detail confidential. Like this online service will be very beneficial. You can talk to the counselor and share your problems.

Like APJ said “Everyone try to make you like everyone else… It's only you need to become an extraordinary person”. If you want to become extraordinary you have to face many challenges in your life. Ship is meant for traveling through the rough ocean. If it is just kept on the shore what will happen… It will erode… If we are using it in the sea it needs a preventive or periodic maintenance like that persons who want to make their achievements in life have to face some problems and sometimes they cannot get back to the life easily. It is our responsibility as a society to bring back them to give us a blooming flower. Now you can make use of Our Free Online Service

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