Instant Techniques to Calm Your Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Trying to keep up with your hectic schedule can be very stressful. Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation, you've probably noticed how your mind is not calm and tends to be hyperactive.
Have you ever asked yourself the following question? How can I get a hold of myself, find clarity, and be more creative when my mind is so overly distracted? If you have asked yourself this sort of question you're definitely not alone. There are a lot of other people out there experiencing the same dilemma.
Thankfully, there are a number of different mind and body exercises that can help calm your mind almost instantaneously. You can choose and perform from methods such as deep breathing, listening to music, working out, a body massage or doing hypnotism techniques.
Deep Breathing Exercises
Our mind often tends to become tired during a rough day at work. Whenever a stressful situation arises, your mind can't think creatively and intelligently. You're anxious and your mind keeps on scouting for other danger stimuli that can further aggravate your situation.
Doing deep breathing exercises is an instant anxiety and stress reliever. Doing deep breathing allows oxygen to enter into our bloodstream. It then promotes oxygen and blood circulation to the brain which enhances its power to think creatively.
This is an instant fix to calm your body and mind in times of a very stressful situation. You may need to use some mental creativity to help steer your thoughts to something relaxing and away from the stress causing feelings.
Listen to Music
Listening to music makes your mind and body feel at ease.
People do have unique taste in their own choice of music. Some may feel calm listening to ballads and classical and others may feel comfortable listening to rock and heavy metal.
No matter what genre of music you like, it is important that music can soothe your mind and mood.
Sweat it All Out!
Doing physical activities helps you to calm your mind. Working out can help you alleviate stress and other distractive thoughts that keep running in your head. Even a walk home from school or work is a good way to temporarily relieve stress.
Exercise is not only a great stress reliever, it's a good way to promote health by getting physically fit as well.
Take a Warm Shower
Feeling overly stressed at work? Tired of thinking of all your unfinished projects?
You can wash all your stress away and calm your mind by taking a nice, warm shower or bath. Mixing water with a cup of Epsom salt and a spoonful of baking soda is believed to take away bad toxins inside your body.
Your mind and body will totally feel refreshed and rejuvenated after taking a warm shower. Now that's a really nice feeling to end your stressful day, right?
Go for a Massage
Do you enjoy being pampered? Going to a spa or having a full body massage can surely take away any tension and stress.
Getting a body massage promotes oxygenation and blood circulation which is also beneficial for your body.
Hypnotism Techniques
One of the most powerful and effective mind calming techniques that you can use is self hypnotism or self hypnosis.
The entire process of hypnotism can make your mind and body get into a state of calm, peace and trance. This is an amazing technique that everyone can use and master in days.
Putting yourself in a trance state allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind. You can also plant positive thoughts and ideas in order for your mind to stay positive in times of extreme stress.
Hypnotism techniques can create a sudden change in your mood and perception after the entire process.
There are several mind and body techniques out there that can help you ease and calm your mind. Having the power to calm your mind is an effective way for you to think wisely and creatively in times of a stressful situation.

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