Human Energy Centres (Chakras) & Associated Emotions

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2021

The universe is a figment of my imagination! (Bhagavad Gita)

Past creeps in with disturbing remembrances of being wronged upon when one is undergoing the spiritual journey. The conscience at that point sets in again and issues those we brushed far from anyone's regular field of vision surface alongside uncertain questions. These are replete with the duality of right and wrong plague the mind both in thought and dialogue. A defensive mechanism to retaliate engages in argument and the serenity of being in the unlimited current moment is lost. This is because of the power of memory which recorded the past with the passionate disturbance.

The best stance at these moments is to first watch the emotion and register it rising within oneself. This slows the mental process as the mind momentarily loses the intensity of the mental conflict and the issue gains clarity. The mind settles consequently during the way toward noticing the feeling on to the breath. Register the progression of breath, this makes an interruption as expected and the psyche confines itself from dynamic contribution and engages with settling the feeling. The words that come out now are more outcome arranged and less in response. This diffuses the circumstance and reality picks up traction and rationale is more arrangement situated.

The conduct in the present not only dissolves the memory of the past but also relaxes the body and mind. The stress accumulated is released and awareness sets in again, registering the current moment with the surrounding using the senses in real-time. Consciousness is plastic again ready for engagement with whatever the mind now wants to focus on. Here is the chance to detach the mind and register the vast nothingness out of which everything is born and the consciousness expands.

Present too evokes feelings of discontentment during this journey into the void of emptiness. Feelings of low self-worth and self-pity may enter depending upon the struggles of the past. This is due to the values that were embarrassed depending on the experiences encountered till now. Personal aspirations born out of conclusions that the mind sought as a remedy for desirable outcomes depending on preferences also creates both positive and negative pressure at the moment. This is what drives the entity to feel alive and motivates the individual to achieve its goals due to the karmic structure that the being is engaged in for spiritual growth and realising the self.

It is the point at which the brain rises above the attention to being simply the practitioner and registers as the observer too that the genuine image of the play on the canvas of the grandiose cognizance uncovers. An awareness of partnership in the game of life with the whole sets in. This leads a meaning to moments of stillness, settling the mind to dissolve the awareness of perceived reality through the senses while at the same time retaining a sense of participatory involvement in a pure state of being. The normal condition of expectation of occasions, uneasiness thereof and the consciousness of section of time lose their hold. The pressure of wanting to belong consciously to the reality else become wasted and unwanted thereby losing their perspective is commonplace in the spiritual journey. This creates a hole in the space-time continuum and habit of the mind to walk on known thought patterns falls off and dissolves.

The mind attains a state of awareness empty of its contents or conscious thoughts to uphold identity. The body loses its boundary, the ego dies a momentary death as a result and one perceives oneself to be an extension of the one cosmic dance. The individual is currently in a fretful state realizing it is awareness grinding away and the extended self plays out the obligations it is occupied with the full association and all the more adequately and effectively. Instead of achievements the aware mind now derives satisfaction from meaningful participation and the joy of just being alive permeates its being. The grandiose mind also begins bowing in correspondence through synchronicity and reality misfortunes its strength and the individual mind is not, at this point disengaged or alone. The mind slowly drops its effort to do and feel alive, time dissolves and the consciousness expands to now embracing reality as being fluid.

Future presently strolls through the being for its reality and turns into the aftereffect of mindful decisions and choices as opposed to being a potential likely reality. Uncertainties which engage the awareness in caution dissolve and the self-worth of the entity is shared on a cosmic level, perpetually in action in the eternal moment with no constraints of reality. Awareness itself yields to turn into the asset to make reality and the field of limitless potential opens up. The individual now enters into the process of co-creation and wisdom based on knowledge and experience dictates the progress of collective consciousness.

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