How to Understand Advanced Form Bio Energy Healing

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Man's eternal struggle to understand the question of mortality is always a part of the innate confusion within. The argument between materialism and spiritualism is also germinated from this innate question as people view it from different standpoints. Materialists claim the existence is because of matter and it's the focal point of our existence, whereas spiritualists maintain that matter is nothing but an inert thing and that without consciousness the world wouldn't exist. There is another section called energetists who argue the basis of existence is energy. Nevertheless, the modern atomist theory united all these three theories into one. They say the universe depends on consciousness and the source of matter is energy. So, according to quantum theory we live in the world of energy and consciousness is a part of it.
What is Bio-energy?
Bio energy healing maintains that the. Aura is made of energy. Problems can occur through the misalignment of the human power field with the physical body. The energy in humans is called bio energy and it holds powerful potential. The unique ability of energy is that it fluctuates with man's thoughts, feelings and emotions.
When an imbalance occurs in the physical body it can cause various physical and mental problems, and those can be fixed energetically with bio-energy healing. This type of healing is a curative technique which is performed on individuals. A Bio energy therapist tunes into the power field (aura) clears blockages in the system, therefore allowing the energy to freely flow inside the system.
It is not magic, but a simple process that can also be conducted by ordinary individuals, if properly trained. The main thing is to feel the energy field and this requires certain long term practice, instinctive and intuitive ability. Bio-energetic healers actually feel and control the energy, and sometimes when required direct the energy to someone else. By this process they can heal illness of the physical and mental. Understanding energy is a difficult task, but not impossible, and one can get the whole new perspective of the world around them after treatment.
Is it possible distant healing?
Time, space and cause do not exist in the energy field. It is one continuous flow of energy enveloping the whole cosmos. Therefore, distant bio-energetic healing is can be very effective. There are healing masters who cure people's ailments without even meeting them. Healing by bio-energy at any distance helps to perceive the energy level of an individual from a distance and also clear the energy blockage. Distance healing is also known as mental healing because it operates on the mental plane and performs the healing with the use of energy control or transfer.
Distant healing is an advanced form of healing therapy and very rare people can actually do that. Bio-energy healing is done at a close distance mostly by the movement of hands, whereas distant healing is performed on a mental plane and controls everything by sheer mental power and energy manipulation.

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