How To Stay Young – Go Naturally

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Throughout history, human beings have always tried to slow down the process of getting old and conceal the signs of aging. Definitely, it would be lovely to stay young for the rest of our lives, to look strong and healthy. But, is this possible or just an infeasible dream?

New scientific researches and experiments have confirmed that with the advance of biotechnology and genetic science a healthy life that extends to 120 years is a high probability in this century. However, the extension of life span would be a reality only for the ones that could afford the high expenditure.

Unlike genetic methods and diseased organs replacements which cost a lot, there are many other methods that help in improving and maintaining a good quality of life and concerned with diet habits and lifestyle activities. Here we will cover some useful and natural tips in order to look younger and stay healthy.

Nutrition habits.
Probably one of the most useful strategies, in order to fight the negative effects of aging, is to have a proper diet. Try to avoid food that contains 30% fat or higher. Eat olive oil and eliminate saturated fat (butter, bacon etc). Fat intake is associated with weight gain, which is a major cause to grow up sooner. Contrarily, eating raw fruits and vegetable contributes to slowing the aging process to some extent. Garlic, Avocado, Carrot, Citrus, Onion, Spinach are some of the best preservers of youth.

8 cups of water or other liquids.
Frequent drinks of “good” water are very helpful and refreshing. “Good” water considered filtered water full of magnesium because it lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. Furthermore, fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas can be used in order to satisfy the “8 cups” rule.

Keep Fit.
Take as much exercise as you can. People who exercise regularly, not even improve their physical appearance and delay many of the outwards signs of old age, but their life can be prolonged. Swimming, running and yoga are excellent anti-ageing exercises.

Holistic Anti-Aging Treatments.
According to holistic medicine gurus, body, spirit and mind balance have a great impact on our state of health and wellness. They recommend alternative techniques in order to achieve wellbeing and delay the actual aging process. Holistic Massage, Oxygen Therapy (increased supply of oxygen to the lungs and therefore much more oxygen to the body tissues) and Aromatherapy (use of Essential Oils for healing and soothing purposes) are some of the alternative natural methods that can diminish the more visible signs of ageing and offer you a more youthful appearance.

Lifestyle tips.
Balance your activities with the proper amount of rest and sleep. Stay calm and avoid stressful situations. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and sun exposure are unwholesome habits that keep people from being healthy, looking younger and feeling healthier and more alive. Think positive. See the glass as half-full, not half-empty and live in an attitude of optimism, forgiveness and gratefulness.

Just remember that getting older does not mean you have to look like it. Go naturally!

Which are the best habits and activities in order to preserve youth and wellbeing? Learn how you can expand your youth appearance naturally, with everyday tips.


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