How to Relieve Stress Naturally?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


In case you are stressed out like many others, you would find this piece of information useful. There could be many reasons for stress. Family problems, job tensions and money matters are some of the many stress causing agents in today's world. Stress busting will be a lot easier if you can find out the reason for your anxiety and tension.
Stress can cause serious health problems and might badly influence the quality of your life. However there are many effective stress relieving methods that could do a lot good on your strained nerves and battered body. Find the one that suits you the best and be happy the rest of your life.
Work Outs
Cardio vascular exercises like sprint, treadmill or elliptical intervals in a gym are proven stress busters. These would also keep you trim and prim and this double advantage will make your life simpler and happier. Ensure that you are doing these hard cardio vascular work outs regularly to ensure the best results.
Return to Nature
Aromatherapy and the essential natural oils like lemon, lavender and chamomile are all proven stress relievers. Just add a few drops of these to your hot bath and enjoy a relaxed bath, You can also make them part of their diet as in the case of chamomile tea or you can even inhale these mood lifting flavors by lighting the scented candles containing these natural oils. However, these oils have specific properties and you should make sure to select the one that suits your needs. Aroma therapy is used for many disease conditions like depression, amnesia, lack of sleep etc. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes and give these natural products a try to feel better.
Home Remedies to Beat Stress
There are many food stuffs that can help you in stress relief. Yogurt is the best home remedy for stress. Blackstrap molasses, which is rich in iron and B vitamins and Alfalfa and sunflower seeds, are also effective in the stress treatment. Include lots of calcium-rich sprouts in your diet.
Enjoy a Hot Water Bath
Enjoy a relaxing hot water bath and feel the muscles go into relaxation mode. As they say a happy mind resides only in happy body.
So, make sure to keep your body relaxed to relieve the stress of your mind.

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