How to Manage and Overcome Stress

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


When we are in a state of stress, adrenalin flows and blood pumps through our heart at a faster rate than normal because we can feel under threat. Causes of stress can be created when there is so much to be done and not enough time to complete everything in a timely manner. Putting ourselves under pressure to appease another person (boss, co-worker, wife, children, friends) can also create stress.
Stress affects everyone differently. There is a range of different ways how stress can play out in our lives. Emotionally, depression and anxiety can lead to anger and tension. Our thinking is also affect by a lack of concentration and feeling hopeless, issues with self esteem and self confidence as feelings of not good enough become strong. The side effects of stress can include changed behaviour patterns as a remedy to improve how we feel. This can include increased drinking habits, gambling and weight problems.
How we individually handle stress depends on the circumstances and situation. Just thinking about something stressful (for example, being in circumstances that are new and make us feel uncomfortable) creates stress. There are many strategies available to learn to cope with stress more effectively. Being able to understand and learn to prepare when something is going to be out of our control is a good starting point.
One of the best cures for stress is exercise. Not only does exercise make you feel better physically, it can improve your mood and make you feel happier. The benefits of exercise can also include more energy and it can be fun while improving the health of your heart at the same time.
Practising meditation can also help to relieve stress as well as manage stress. Another very successful technique to overcome stress is to use deep breathing when feel stressed. By stopping for a few minutes and taking time out with a few deep breaths can be a great relaxer.
Learning to cope with stress will also assist with your general health and happiness - take a deep breath and remember to always smile! A smile is another easy and simple way to reduce stress to make you feel so much more at peace and calm within.

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