How To Develop Study Skills In College Students

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Going to college after high school reveals up a whole swerve of new experiences. You got new buddies, new city and new difficulties. One of these new difficulties is to understand how to study effectively. Developing study skills might be the greatest task of all. Most students know that studying properly well really allows keeping the stage of pressure down while going to college. However, most students also think that being able to do this is unachievable and that continuous battle is the organic way of studying.

I have met many college going students and in first meet they tells study skills are boring and tedious. The skills which help you to score good grades and help you to spend less time on homework, how could they be tedious and boring? This is just because of the bad rap that study skills have developed.

If you really find studying a problem; if you take a long time preparing to get settle down for study than actually do not study, then you probably need a few procrastination- preventing guidelines. The five guidelines defined here, will help you get to a factor where you are able to negotiate into a study schedule which becomes a god habit that will take a position you in excellent stead for the years of education and beyond.

Firstly, make sure you study in an organized way. Study in low traffic area in the home with proper lighting. Keep your space organized. This will really help you. But if you are disorganized person, use a new approach in organized studying. Make a to-do list and work upon it.

Secondly make a habit of making notes. Always pay keen attention in the class room or lecture hall. Making notes in class while the teacher is delivering the lecture is a good thing which enhances your concentration and helps you to retain more. You always review your notes when you get back to home and make a research on what you studied and add more information where you lacked. Self research really helps in retaining and is a good study skill.

Thirdly to become a more successful student always follow SQ3R method, this stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review. While studying always take a brisk walk and get back to study, this helps to refresh the mind to retain more information.

Fourthly, stick to your study routine this will automatically develop study skills in you. Time management skill is very important to study effectively. The experts say that students should spend average of 40 hours a week on their studies. So again organize yourself and stick to the schedule.

Lastly, you need to take care of yourself, have healthy diet and take care of your brain. Exercise daily and get at least 8 hour sleep daily.

Organizing yourself will really help you to develop study skills in you and you can take out time to get socialize and do other stuff you like.

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