How to Develop Personal Skills

Dr. Purushothaman
December 9, 2013

What are skills? How personal are they? What is it and what not to develop? And how do you do that in a way that suits you? You do not have to anything. Choices in the development of personal skills.


Personal effectiveness has much to do with the agreement between the inside and the outside of a person. It can also be described as: good sitting in your own skin. You are effective if you dare to make your own choices, not influenced by stress, anxiety or ideas about 'how to hear things "and" what people expect. “If you feel free to act for yourselves, you increase the effectiveness of your actions. For who behind his or her choices may face is convincing, to better respond to comments of others.


How to apply skills in that story? Who works, takes his or her personality with it. Sometimes that is a plus, but it can also have an inhibiting effect. For who you are determines to a large extent what you do, but also what you leave. That personality Development, which is the basis, as you should do with it - for better or for worse. But you do not need to leave it. Without your personality to be willing, you can still develop your personal skills and thus increase your personal effectiveness.


The views on what skills are vary. In part, it is clear: dealing with Excel is a skill. But especially in personal soft skills such as time management, assertiveness, conflict often involves more than learning tips and tools. Because if time management is only a matter of a few rules to follow, why you do it ever not? That has to do something. Yourself with and then it hits developing skills already more self-reflection, to smarter use yourself.


It is significant in this respect that today there is increasingly talked about competency development. Because not only identified skills, with that term but also abilities and attitudes. Competencies are the qualities that anyone, regardless of all knowledge, must have to function properly to perform at home. Examples include: planning and organizing, initiative, tact, cooperation, listening, confronting, persevere.
Too competencies to develop, albeit not unlimited. As a competence has more to do with your personality, there is less to develop. Business and environmental awareness, resilience and flexibility are more difficult to master than a competency as written expression.

Behavioral Development

The continued development of personal skills is always a matter of behavioral development and confidence building. This has two important consequences. First, to develop your behavior should be open to criticism and able to self-criticism. Self-management is the basis for behavioral development. That is, you have more or fewer objectives can look to evaluate and adjust yourself to yourself. Incidentally, if you come to realize that you yourself are not best judge, then it can demonstrate good self-management to ask you this to help another.

A second consequence is that training is not always the best - and actually never only - way to achieve a lasting development. You can also very well develop to be accompanied by a mentor or coach (possibly a colleague) or by others more often and / or targeted to ask. Feedback yourself you can do as a sequel to or instead of a workout. You should ensure that you always can bring. During and after the training learned again in practice Involve your work environment so to what you're doing - otherwise a waste of money training.

Personal development

It is therefore quite a bit, so it seems. Personal effectiveness is not: learning various skills, but: developing those skills that fit you. Effective: what to do where you stay healthy. In that connection provides behavioral development a healthier perspective than teaching skills, which you pass can easily go to the question.
Strengthening your personal effectiveness has not only to do with career counseling and development, but also with personality development. Also, those two are inseparable: personal development is d basis for an effective working life. Think carefully before selecting for promoting skills. An education or training Make informed, demand for recognized methods and interventions.

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