How Soft Skills Help in Paving Way for A Successful Professional Career

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

Personal traits go a long way in determining the success rate for an individual in a fast paced and thoroughly competitive corporate environment. The only way to taste success is to possess the requisite soft skills that are ever so desired in organizations today. Read this article to get a fair idea about soft skills and their importance.

Typically, soft skills are those attributes and interpersonal abilities that are part of an individual's complete personality. They ascertain how the person would act or react in a given situation. Soft skills are considered to be quite vital for anybody who wants to make it big in his/her career in various job sectors eg. Management, nursing etc. Unlike technical skills that tend to be specific to a particular kind of activity or task, soft skills are not specific but are broadly applicable.

Soft skills if categorised into personal attributes would comprise: common sense, time-management, optimism, responsibility, sense of humour, integrity and motivation. Further, if categorised into interpersonal abilities would comprise: leadership, communication, empathy, good manners, sociability, etc. Today, soft skills are a pre-requisite, if someone is aiming to achieve prosperity in their career or business. Though, most people have this misconception that only technical skills are the requirement, they miss out on the fact that technical skills are not enough by themselves to boost a person's career growth.

Many research studies carried out all over the world reiterate the fact that soft-skills like business etiquette; cultural sensitivity and good communication skills are quite helpful in generating global business. Thus they are completely indispensable to an individual and more so for the organisation that the individual works for. Many top organizations understand that employees with only technical expertise will not be able to generate business for them at a global level. Thus they seek for candidates who have a good command over their soft skills. Though, a lot of them are known to have introduced soft skill training sessions in their company, as part of the employee-training module.

It is believed that with the help of soft skills, many cultural, language and environmental barriers can be easily crossed. This is just the reason why there has been an increasing demand for soft skills training like Team Leadership Training, Managerial Training, Executive Training and Corporate Leadership Training. Fortunately many top training institutes have taken a step further to introduce online tutoring services and they provide people with the above-said training courses. Online skills training services are regarded as an effective means to learn soft skills, as one is not required to go anywhere and just has to take the course sitting at the home or office.

At the beginning of one's career, though qualifications and technical skills might help to secure a good job. However, one has to realise that to move up on the success ladder, apart from personal traits, soft skills too would be an important asset especially in large organizations. The reason being the presence of similar technically skilled people in an organisation, make it even more important to acquire the proper soft skills, in order to reach to the next higher designation.

Learning soft skills can be a huge investment for the future and if one has aimed for a successful career, nothing can be better than opting for a soft skills training program. It is said that technical skills can get a person a job, but what will keep him on the job is his soft skills.

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