How I manage my Stress

how to manage stress

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Stress is a term which even the psychologists and others have struggled for finding an effective definition of stress. Individual experience stress on a daily basis and it cannot be avoided.

In everyone’s life all would have heard the word “stress” not only heard but also experienced in their own life. To some extent stress is a motivating factor. Stress may be positive or negative. If taking an example of a student if there is an examination he or she will study as they are stressed about examination and to perform well to get good marks and at the opposite extend if there is negative stress it makes the student unable to study, whatever the student has studied he may forget and will not be able to perform properly in examination.

Here the theme is “How I manage my stress”. Everyone has their own way to manage stress. In my view for managing stress first of all we should have awareness what is the factor or situation that create stress. Once we found that factor we can avoid that situation or factor. In my opinion first point is enough sleep. Sleep is very important for well-being of an individual. It helps the individual to refresh his mind. Sleep is necessary for making the individual productive and functioning properly. Second point is proper nutrition. Poor diet makes you vulnerable to stress. Food intake also provides the energy to work in our day today life without stress . Third point is regular exercise. Exercise make you physically and mentally fit. It is a stress releaser and to keep your body healthy. Fourth point is social support. Social support can keep you healthier and happier, and reduces stress. Friends can pick you up from stressful situation and tell you different ways to deal with stress.Fifth point is find hobbies. Having some “leisure time” is important and it reduces stress to a large extend. Hobbies are good stress reliever. Sixth point is have the right attitude. Whatever we are doing if you are not having the right attitude it will be difficult. Seventh point is maintaining spiritual practice. Many people use prayer as a major stress reliever.Prayer provides a positive energy to one and builds confidence to do the work without stress.

Everyone will have different ways to cope up with stress. Whatever stressful situation comes in an individual’s life if they are mentally fit they may find different ways to cope up with stress. For managing stress we have to give importance to day today activities, our hobbies etc….It depends on how we effectively utilize our time to remove stress. Whatever the situation we are facing we should have faith in god that he will help us out from the situation. Whichever ways we are using to reduce stress we should the confidence by that my stress will be reduced if not means I will use another way to get it through. So in my opinion stress is not a big thing to cross over a little bit effort from our side can make us live stress free life.

Article by Sneha Ajith,
Lecturer, Mother College of Nursing
& Freelance writer.

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