How can I stop feeling restless?

Dr. Purushothaman
July 26, 2020

A huge majority of people today are facing emotional, financial and self-uncertainty which is making them utterly restless. The feeling of restlessness makes the people uneasy and disturbs the peace and health of their mind and soul. In the face pace of the developing world, people are so engrossed looking and running towards their profession and also build up a bunch of negative thoughts and emotions such as greed, negativity, jealousy, etc. It is sad to even hear that in spite of having all the benefits and comforts, many people is literally remaining constant restless. Their mind and body is looking for peace and happiness in the external and materialistic things, avoiding the fact that the thing they are looking for is right in their heart.

Satisfaction and happiness are very essential in bringing peace and contentment to a person. You need to have a pure, happy here with all the positive thoughts in order to get peace and keep your mind at rest. Such people are constantly experiencing insufficient fixing and recovery in an attempt to rebuild their mind, body and soul in a healthy way. Such failed attempts make the individual more irritable, and potentially violent, always making things worse.

Okay, make it easier for yourself and forget the part about “potential”. There would be added aggressive emotions and other factors like anger, impatience, violence, weight gain, depression, heart disease and sleep loss. Look what just some small anxieties are doing to your body! A person would remain constantly restless till he learns the art of self-happiness and satisfaction. Focus on what all you have, keep in mind the good things that give you happiness and work hard with positivity in whatever aspect you wish to.

Anxieties at a time can overwhelm you, making it much more difficult to make the right decisions and also lead to over-thinking, making you further more restless. Practicing to have a positive and balanced mind is the key to a restful mind.

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Now there are various mind programming and mental healing methods which can really reduce our stress and strain and other difficult situations, leading to a peaceful and happy life.

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